It’s been such a hard three months..


If you guys have read previous posts or followed my journey from the beginning then you’ll know I’ve been on anti depressants for quite a big part of my life with not much effect. So at the end of April beginning of May and after a really settled few months, I made a huge but also very stupid decision to just stop my medication and try to manage my depression alone. So this post will just be a quick update post to let you guys know how I’ve been finding these last few months.

You’ll know if you read my first post after a week off my Sertraline, that this was one of the hardest and most painful weeks of my life both mentally and physically, I was ill, anxious, upset, tired, restless and everything in between, if I’m honest there were so many times in that first week that I thought of taking my own life, I couldn’t believe that I had been on these tablets for years and they seemed to have no effect so how could coming off them be having such a massive effect on me? I was so genuinely scared that I would never feel ‘normal’ again and I won’t lie it wasn’t just the first week that was awful, it actually took me nearly two months to start feeling somewhat human and healthy.

Almost 3 months on and am I 100% back to feeling ‘normal’? No I’m not but it’s funny really because I always try to be such a positive person and in my head I had this amazing vision that I’d come off my medication, it’d be really easy and I’d be happier than I’ve ever been.The truth is though early August will mark 3 months of no anti depressants and I’m not in that amazing place, it’s probably been one the lowest and hardest times of my life with so many mood swings it’s unreal, I still have days when I ask myself if going back to my medication would make it all go back to how it was, you know that numb, surreal feeling you have on anti depressants? Now though as I’ve been writing this post and thinking back to my life with medication  and my life without it I’ve started too realise that although I’ve struggled and it’s hit me hard, that coming off my medication was a change for the better and sticking it out will only be for the best!

So guys just to end this post I want to apologise if this was a little bit of a negative post but I always promised I’d just be honest no matter what, have you guys recently come off or are thinking about coming off your medication? let me know I’d like to share experiences and thoughts with you all.

I’m missing my little blogging family!

Hey guys I know it’s been a while so first of all I’m really sorry but hopefully this post will let you guys know what’s been going on & then I can start getting back into the swing with my blogging.

For anyone who’s followed this blog from day one will know that I’ve been struggling from depression/anxiety since I was about 15 and have been on every imaginable anti depressant since then, with little or too no effect. In fact the only effect they did have was hair loss which for any girl is awful, so after months of debating I decided it may be best for me to cut them down then eventually get off them all together.

So about 4 weeks ago I started to cut them down to one every other day which seemed fine and thankfully I didn’t have any of the horrible side effects that I’ve heard so many people talk about. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m really inpatient though so because I wasn’t feeling anything negative I stupidly decided to stop taking them all together and I’m not going to lie it’s definitely one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done..So please guys DO NOT do it like I did!

It’s been a 7 days of no Sertraline today & I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it, you name it and I’ve been through it this last week both mentally and physically it’s been the most surreal week of my life, physically I’ve had major hot flushes, dizziness, headaches, tiredness, vomiting and mentally my minds just been everywhere, not so much down/depressed just not on this planet.

I’m really not sure when I’ll be back guys but hopefully it wont be too long and I hope you guys understand why I’ve been neglecting the blog and stick around for my next set of posts. Missing you guys & thank you for all your support! xx

Tablets or no tablets for depression/anxiety?

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‘Are pills really the answer?’

So as you will know from previous posts I’ve been on a variety of anti depressants and beta blockers since I was about 16 to help calm my depression and anxiety symptoms. Over the years I’ve been on so many different medications to try and combat  my symptoms with little to no effect that at times I was convinced they were all just a placebo and would never ever feel better.

I’ll always remember when I first built up the courage to tell someone about my feelings and visit my GP, it was the first time in months I’d seen a hint a light at the end of the dark tunnel I now know as depression, anyone who has suffered from any sort of mental health issue will know how hard it is to tell your GP for the first time, all sorts of crazy thoughts run through your mind about how they’ll perceive you. I was so happy after getting it all out but one thing that shocked me more than anything was how quickly my GP prescribed me a bunch of pills, after a quick 15 maybe 20 minute appointment. So very reluctantly I started taking my prescribed pills but now when I think back I’m really shocked at the fact that no other option was offered to me, to help me feel better and how incredibly quick I was told that the pills would pretty much change it all.

So as reluctant as I was I told myself I’d do anything to feel better and anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m one of these people who is perhaps overly careful when it comes to taking medication weather it has been prescribed to me or not, I will spend hours upon hours reading information leaflets and over analysing every possible side effect. I did eventually start my Fluoxetine and because I’d never taken anti depressants before I think I was sort of expecting some sort of mirical happy pill so after nearly a year of persisting with them I was incredibly disappointed when nothing had changed, So I went back the doctors expecting them to hopefully offer me some better forms of support but once again I was just asked a form filled with questions and handed some more pills.

It wasn’t until about 3 years ago after being completely fed up of taking pill after pill that I decided to do my own research into other forms of help and found that I could get loads of different therapies through GP referral. So after waiting lists and fighting to prove I needed the help, I finally started seeing councillors and then eventually moved onto a CBT therapist which I truly believe is the best thing I could’ve ever done, I’m now almost virtually OCD free thanks to that amazing women 😀 After my 12 weeks of CBT I was over the moon at how much it has seemed to help but also upset and angry that I’d spent years on numerous tablets that had little effect on my mood and no sort of emotional support, when if I’d of been offered therapy sooner I may not of needed to go through all the physical and emotional effects the tablets seem to bring with them.


The point to me writing this post isn’t for me to slate the use of medication because I’m really not against using tablets to help with mental health issues because I really do think that I wouldn’t be where I am now without them but I just think that pills shouldn’t be handed out so quickly without any proper support or advice. I’d love to know what you guys think, Have you found medication helpful for you? or Have you found better ways to deal with your depression/anxiety rather than medication?