I’m back – I’ve missed the little blogging world!

6D69AE81-8F55-4B00-9666-D9EDCEC3EB97Sitting here staring at the screen not really knowing where to start or what to say but kind of feeling like I should start with I’m sorry, sorry for going M.I.A for what feels like forever, it’s been a while to say the least hasn’t it guys?

How is everyone?, What’s new? What’s been happening? I can’t actually believe it’s been over 3 years since I last published a post, where does the time go? I’ve missed you guys and this lovely little community so much, I’ve sat here numerous times and tried to write a post but I always ended up deleting it. I kind of feel like I should explain myself and say why I’ve been missing for so long but truth is I don’t really know where to start and so much to say so I’m going to do a specific post on that later on this week.

So anyway you lovely bunch this is just a quick post to say Hi, hey, hello and wanted to let you lot know that I’m hopefully back for good with lots of good disability, mental health and lifestyle posts coming up. Please let me know how you guys have been in the comments below, it’d be amazing to have a catch up! 🙂

Thanks for your support always lovelies! x



Why if everyone saw disability like children do the world would be a better place


Life truly is a lesson and we can learn so much from it regardless of who we are, I’ve always thought that in some ways my disability has taught me so many great lessons that I feel I might not of learn’t had it not been for my disability. I feel that my disability has helped separate out the good, the bad and the ugly throughout my life and for that I’m thankful.

As a lot of you will know I’ve grown up attending specialist education all of my life this teamed with a family that never made a big deal of things meant that disability and difference has never been an issue to me, it was just the norm. In fact my disability has never caused me too much of a problem it has always been the people in the world around me and how they perceived it that made it into a problem, anyone out there who has a disability or illness will know that there is only so much of the rude stares and snide comments you can take before it starts to hurt you and dent your confidence.

It’s not so much the fact that people stare though I mean I’m as nosey as the next person and if I see something that catches my attention I can’t help but have a quick glance, if you’re a child who hasn’t experienced a wheelchair/disability before then of course you’re going to be curious, it’s just natural. It’s adults staring and making it blatantly obvious that really starts to bug me, I mean you are an adult you should know so much better than to be ignorant!

So although you’d be forgiven for thinking that children would make more of a big deal out of disability because it’s something they may not of experienced before, it is actually adults who seem to be judgemental and if the world was full of children then I believe it would honestly be a better place!

As a child I went out in the street and played with other children getting involved in every game they played without anyone bating an eyelid, to the other children I was just ‘Chelle’ my disabilities or abilities were never an issue, Why? because children just see another child and not another child with a disability. Children don’t judge or over think they just seem to accept and one of the things I love most about children is that if they don’t understand they will question, something I wish more adults would do. I would have so much more respect for anyone who was just upfront and if they had a question about my disability then I would be 100% be happy to answer them and move on, instead of snide comments or funny looks.

I love how children don’t see disability or any other subject as embarrassing or a big taboo, one of my favourite examples of this is when I was working in a local primary school with year 4 children. A child came up to me and out of the blue just said “Miss, what’s wrong with your leg?”  which I found lovely and began to answer him when his teacher came along and told him off for apparently being rude. In my opinion this said a lot more about the teacher than about the child himself, I was always told that if I don’t know or understand something then I should ask and that is exactly how I believe it should be. In my opinion shouting at a child for being curious and open gives them the impression that what they’re questioning is wrong, which just isn’t true children should be encouraged to explore and understand diversity just like they would with any other subject.

So if everybody saw disability and diversity in the same light as children do then I whole heartedly believe that the world would be a lot more open, honest and happier world too live in!

It’s not you, it’s the world!


My mind well and truly boggles when it comes to any sort of hatred towards any individual weather that be rascism, sexism, disabledism or homophobia, to me a person is just a person no matter what there abilities, skin colour or sexual orientation. Nobody is perfect so what an earth gives anyone the right to judge another human being?

Along with many other people I have spent a lot of years throughtout my life being bullied for the person I am, which meant sadly I’ve always felt like I never truly fitted in and spent a lot of time trying to change who I am to become the worlds idea of ‘normal’. It sickens me that in 2015 people are still be victimised for being themselves but no matter who you’re there will always be some small minded individual, who will judge you weather that be for your race, religion, weight, hair colour or disability.

Earlier this week though I heard about the death of Leelah Alcorn and it shocked me so much, For those of you who don’t know Leelah Alcorn is a transgender teenager from America who came into the headlines after sadly taking her own life and leaving a suicide letter online. In this note Leelah blamed her parents for denying her feelings and forbidding her from transitioning they put her through months of counselling where she was told she wasn’t normal. I’ve grown up to expect discrimination from people who don’t know me or don’t know my situation but suffering hatred from the people who are meant to care and support you more than anyone in this world, your parents must be awful. I can’t imagine how Leelah must of felt, everybody has the right to be who they truly are and the world has lost a beautiful, intelligent young women in loosing Leelah and her parents should be forever ashamed of their pure evilness and small minded attitude towards there incredible daughter. R.I.P Leelah Alcorn ❤


Rest in peace Leelah! x

Luckily when we are younger we don’t always understand that to the world we’re ‘different’ but as soon as I was old enough to realise this I was determined to change the world. My absoloute dream would to be live in and bring my children into a world were they can be proud of who they’re and be free without fear of hatred or discrimination and as cliché as this sounds I will make it happen! I know it’s so easy to say but without action my dream will never become a reality, that s why I want to set up seemenotcp to raise awareness and help people realise that having a disability means nothing, we are all just human beings!


So guys please remember we all deserve happiness and you should never be ashamed of who you are, Go out and show the world that it can’t change you! 2015 is the year to stand up be counted and make a change!

Keep anxiety at bay this Christmas.


As many of you will know from past posts I have suffered from depression and bad anxiety since I was about 14/15 years old. As much as I love christmas my anxiety seems to get worse around this time of year. Which as anyone who suffers from mental health issues will tell you just adds a huge amount of extra stress to a time of year that is already stressful. Christmas is less than a week away now gets so I thought i’d do a quick post of my tips that will hopefully help too keep anxiety and depression at bay during the festive period.


1.DON’T be so hard on yourself! – Don’t beat yourself up, there are no written rules for how we should act at Christmas so if you don’t feel up to going out or doing some Christmas shopping then that’s fine, what you’re going through or how you feel isn’t your fault so you shouldn’t feel guilty for it.

2.Talk to someone – You’re are never alone so don’t keep things bottled up! Talk to a friend, relative or even someone at your local charity. As they say a problem shared is a problem halfed and I know that for me just having someone listening to my worries or doubts makes me feel so much better.

3.Learn to say no – Learning to say no is one of the biggest things i’ve learnesd to improve my anxiety, If you don’t feel up to something agreeing to it will only increase your anxiety, Always trying to please others is not as important as your own health so if you don’t want to  do something then it’s ok to say no!

4. Do what makes you happy – If you like decorations put them, if you don’t then don’t! People put so much pressure on themselves to make others happy when honestly none of that matters if you’re unhappy so take time out and do whatever you enjoy!

5. Be realistic – Nobody is perfect and christmas isn’t about who can buy the most, who has the best food/tree or who has the biggest celebration so just have the best day you can with the people you love and be happy, thats all that matters!


So hopefully guys these five small tips will help ease your depression/anxiety over the christmas period even if it’s only a little bit, I’d love to know if you all have any tips for keeping depression or anxiety under control over christmas let me know in the comments below and I hope you all have a relaxing christmas and amazing new year!

Motivational Monday – it’s ok to ask for help!

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This motivational Monday will be a little bit different but I hope it helps at least one of you guys out there!

Anybody who knows me will tell you I absolutely hate admitting I need help, sometimes in life though you just need a helping hand so that you can move forward. A few weeks ago when I started this blog, I began thinking about where I wanted my life to go and decided I wanted to start my own business, obviously though starting my own business cant happen overnight and I need some help to put me on the right path.

So knowing nothing about setting up a business I decided I’d have to find myself someone who could help me and their was only one charity I could think of who would really help, Daisy Inclusive UK!  I’ve volunteered for Daisy in the past and know howmuch of an amazing and helpful organisation they’re,  So I went for a meeting with them last Monday to discuss my blog and how I could achieve my dreams of running my own business. They were amazing as ever and now with ongoing  help from them I am on the way to planning and eventually owning my very own business! 🙌 So go check out ‘the can do charity that does’ DaisyUK I really couldnt praise them enough http://www.daisyuk.co.uk

So for someone who wouldn’t normally ask for help I am so glad I did! As the quote above says ‘Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you’re wise!’ I’ve now realised that asking for help doesn’t mean I am weak or stupid for not doing things alone, it simply means that I’m not superwomen and sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction!

All I really want this post to do is let people out there know that at no point in life do you have to be or feel alone! No matter what you’re dealing with at the moment weather it be work related, emotional problems or you’re just feeling a bit lost in life then please don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are so many so people a whonisatnd organisations who will be able to help you and who knows just asking for help might begin change your life for the better!

I’ll leave some links down below that maybe able to help and remember asking for help is not a weakness!





My first trip to our lovely capital!


If you follow me on social media then you’ll of seen how stupidly excited I was about my first trip to London on Thursday, It’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go since I was younger so when I met my friend who lives in Kent, I was determined to finally book myself some tickets and go. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a sucker for a bargain so after hours of searching the internet, I found myself some great bargains and booked my tickets for 5th until 8th March.


So the 5th arrived so quickly and although I was beyond excited I was also really nervous and apprehensive as I wasn’t sure how hard I would find travelling alone, as I’m not used to travelling alone especially not to somewhere as big and busy as London. I arrived at Lime Street with my typical women suitcase that weighed a tone 😉 and boarded my train, the 2 hour 15 minute train journey flew by and before I knew it I’d arrived at London Euston.

The first thing that sprung to my mind once I stepped into the station was that having CP and being unsteady on my feet in London I was bound to be having some falls as it’s so busy and everybody seemed to be in such a rush. My friend met me at Euston and we made our way to my Premier Inn Dartford, I was so looking forward to going on the tube for the first time and wasn’t disappointed but sadly I didn’t get a picture of my stupid cheesy grin! After an hour of catching tubes we finally arrived at the Premier Inn and I’ve got to say I’ve heard a lot of people say bad things about Premier Inn’s being basic and very poor budget but I was really pleased with how clean and lovely the hotel room was, it was so nice to just sit down after a full day of travelling.

I was like a kid at Christmas waking up at 6 am the following morning bursting with excitement for my first full day in London, after my amazing breakfast that I can’t rate highly enough we headed out to London Bridge and our first plan was to go on the London Eye. I wasn’t sure what I’d expected but when I first seen the eye it wasn’t how I’d imagined but I couldn’t wait to get on and see the views of London.IMG_3264


I was a bit worried that with it being so busy our time would be a bit rushed and we may not have enough time to take some nice pictures but we had over half an hour to in the capsule and as you can see I got some absolutely fabulous pictures, The London Eye was amazing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to see views of the Thames in the best way possible, especially on a day where the weather is as gorgeous as it was when we visited. I was worn out after walking around so we found a cafe just facing the Thames and went for a nice cuppa and some lunch but after we saw the price for 2 pre packed sandwiches we decided against lunch and just had a drink instead, £8 for sandwiches are they for real?! So after our drinks we went for a lovely walk in the sun along the Thames. We did also plan to go too Madam Tussauds on the Friday but I was shattered so decided to give it a miss and just head back to the room and get an early night.

My time in London had flown by I woke up the next morning and it was already my last full day in London I couldn’t believe it,  I was gutted but I couldn’t wait to see what the the day ahead had in store. I met up with my friend and because it was such a beautiful day yet again, we decided to head to Greenwich Park.


Being the dope that I am I didn’t know before we arrived that Greenwich Park is actually famous for The Meridian Line and The Old Royal Observatory and also has amazing views across London. The Park itself is massive and was far too big for me to walk around it all but it’s so beautiful on a day with such  incredible weather, it was so interesting to look around at the observatory and I got some really good pictures.




As well as the Meridian Line the park also hosts some incredible views of the famous o2 arena and beautiful views from across London so it is perfect for anyone who is into taking pictures.




After a beautiful but very tiring day I decided that my last evening in London would consist of getting in my pj’s and getting Domino’s for the first time which can I just say was actually perfect! I woke up early the next morning and felt absolutely heartbroken to be leaving London, my last few hours were spent travelling to Euston station for my train back too Liverpool.


To say I enjoyed my time in London would be an understatement and I can’t wait to go back and see the rest of this beautiful city, It’s crazy but travelling to London alone has given me so much confidence and belief in myself and really restored my faith in how helpful and genuinely kind people can be. Have any of you guys ever visited, If so what did you all think?