I’m back :)


missed you guys!

This week is the first time in what feels like forever that I’ve been on wordpress and the first time since August that I’ve written a blog post which is absolute madness! firstly I want to say sorry for not being around, I’ve missed you guys but also thank you all for still continuing to support my blog even when I’m not blogging as regularly as I would like.

As much as I know you guys are brilliant and won’t expect me to explain myself part of me still feels I should at least try to explain why I haven’t been around for so long, So here goes if you remember in my last post I explained that I’d just recently stopped taking my anti depressants and was finding it a lot more of a struggle than I thought it would be.

Well since my last post in August I’ve still not taken any medication which for me is a massive achievement and something that I’m really proud of, if someone would of told me a few years ago that now I’d be still here, feeling strong and without medication then I probably would’ve laughed at them. I won’t lie and say that every day since August has been all happy because it definitely hasn’t and I’ve had plenty of ups and downs both physically and emotionally which is why I haven’t been around.

When I first started Seemenotcp I promised not only myself but you guys that I would only blog when I felt my content was worth posting and when I felt happy and positive about what I was posting, while I was having a rough time I decided that blogging had to take a back seat and getting myself happy, healthy and things back on track was more important. So off I went and during that time I’ve still had bad days but I’ve also had some really positive and exciting opportunities come my way! (I’ll explain more in another post) the more time that passes the more I realise that I am stronger than I think which is a great feeling!

I’m so happy to be back with my blogging family and hope you guys are all well! x

Motivational Monday – Focus on the positives 👍


After my ‘not so’ Motivational Monday last week and a rubbish few days, I went away done some soul searching/quote reading and I’m back too bring you all some motivation on this lovely Monday.

In a world that can at times be so full of sadness and pain it’s easy too see how people can become wrapped up with life’s struggles and stresses e.g paying bills, working, family troubles and forget all about the good things they have. I’m probably one of the worst culprits when it comes to overthinking or worry,  so when I saw the quote above I thought to myself when was the last time I just stopped what I was doing and counted my blessings? With that in mind I thought I would use this post to take some time out and list down the things I’m most grateful for so here goes!

Things I’m grateful for?

Loved ones




My dog


Cups of tea

It’s almost Christmas


So there it is my small list of things I am grateful for,  weather you have one or hundred and one things on your list try to wake up everyday and be thankful for the positive things you have in your life. Maybe to you your positives may not seem much but I’m sure too some people they would mean the world!

My nanny always used too say ‘ There is always someone worse off than you’ and this is something that I try to remember when I’m feeling down in the dumps, I may not have a perfect life but I’m blessed with the things I do have.


So what are you guys thankful for? Let me know in the comments below. Lets share some positivity!
💜 ..Positive Mind..Positive Vibes..Positive Life!..💜

see the ABILITY in disability!


So many people seem to hear the word disability or see someone with a disability and the first thing that comes to thier mind is a huge list of what that person cant do, why is that? Why can’t we focus on the ability in disability!

As some of you will know from my previous posts, one of my life’s goals is to change the worlds perceptions of disabily and also let everyone know that instead of focusing on the negatives that may come with having a disability there are also a lot of amazing positives! I know some people might not agree with me but despite everything I would never change my disability because it is a huge part of what makes me who I am!

Ive met some amazingly inspiring people during my 24 years whose main aim has been to grab life and make it the best it could possibly be, regardless of what life throws at them or what barriers they face. They have achieved some great things university degrees, incredible jobs, marathons and the list goes on, so why is it that some narrow minded people in our society still feel the need to focus on our barriers?

I’ve achieved a lot of great things throughout my life but my greatest achievememt so far is taking part in Cancer Research Race for life 2014,  it was a 5k race which is about 3 miles and many people were convinced that since I had no one to take part in the race with me, it was something I would not be able to complete. I am an act on impulse type of person though and because Cancer has effected a lot of my family members or loved ones, I was determined to complete the race no matter how long it took me.

So despite my doubts and other peoples worries, I took the plunge and signed up for the race about 5 weeks before the event. I spent all my time leading up to the race walking as much as possible and trying to raise as money as I could for such a special cause.


Before the race.


My back sign

So Race day arrived and with my very own gang of cheerleaders, I headed to Aintree race course, my first thought when arriving were wow I’m going to get lost in all these people and my second thought was one of shear fear of how big the course looked. I had brought my wheelchair in case I needed to sit down and also for support but I was determined to try my hardest to complete the race without sitting down.

The atmosphere was the best I’ve experienced, so many happy, smiling women and children all together fighting  for such an amazing cause. So many strangers came up to me while walking around the course to see if I needed a hand, which was lovely! So 1 hour and 12 minutes later the finish line was in sight and believe me when I tell you I’ve never felt more excited and emtional at the thought of sitting down!

imageAnyone who knows me personally would tell you I’m very emotional at the best of times and this day was no exception, the amount of strangers cheering me on and telling me how well I was doing on my way to the finish line was incredible!

Standing at that finish line was without doubt the proudest moment of my life and I wouldn’t change a second of it because on that day, I not only raised money for such an amazing charity but I also proved to myself and many others that my abilities are far greater than my disability!


My proud face.

So hopefully one day the world will see the amazing abilities that are part of us instead of our disabilities first! What are your proudest moments?

disability within education.


Would you expect a baby to talk if you hadn’t taught them?

Growing up attending a specialised school for people with physical disabilities meant I was lucky enough to grow up around people from all walks of life with a variety of different backgrounds. As well as national curriculum lessons our week of learning also included lessons held specifically about disability and how diverse the world was, which was amazing these were my favourite lessons and I always enjoyed learning more not only about CP but also other physical and learning disabilities.

I’ve always known from a young age that I wanted to work within education so once I left school I attended the local college and began a childcare course, it wasn’t until I started going into local mainstream schools on placements that I was shocked to realise that disability doesn’t play as much of a part in a child’s learning if they attend mainstream school as it did during my school life. I’m not niave and its not that I expected to go in to schools and every child would have a wide understanding of disability because that’s not how the world works but sadly in some placements I attended disability wasnt mentioned to children at all.

I’m a very firm believer that children learn things from a very young age and that the way a child is brought up will effect the person they grow up to be, I mean if you didn’t teach a young child to talk would you still expect them to speak? The obvious answer would be no and I believe that the same goes for acceptance. We teach children religious education on a regular basis so that they’re aware of different religions and beliefs as they grow which means that the child should grow up with an open mind and be able to accept or understand different cultures. So why don’t we teach about disabilities? Is that not something that should be taught? so that our future children will grow up into a world were disability is accepted!

I’m not saying in any way that incorporating disability more into the national curriculum will change the future adults to perfect citizens who will never discriminate because sadly it won’t but I do whole heartedly believe that it would help. I’ve been out many times in placement and a child has asked about my disability, only to be told by a teacher or parent to ‘shush or not be so rude’. To me these actions say a lot more about the school or adults than the child, I mean why shouldn’t they ask? We are always told as children that if we don’t know the answers we should ask. To me disability is no exception, I would much rather someone ask about my disability than just stand and stare!

We  spend a huge part of our young lives within education and we go to school to learn things that will help us in later life e.g maths, English or science so why not disability? I believe that making disability and equality even a small part of a child’s learning life would really help them become more open minded and understanding individuals.

Should disability be more talked about in education? Let me know what you all think!

Motivational Monday – it’s ok to ask for help!

download (4)

This motivational Monday will be a little bit different but I hope it helps at least one of you guys out there!

Anybody who knows me will tell you I absolutely hate admitting I need help, sometimes in life though you just need a helping hand so that you can move forward. A few weeks ago when I started this blog, I began thinking about where I wanted my life to go and decided I wanted to start my own business, obviously though starting my own business cant happen overnight and I need some help to put me on the right path.

So knowing nothing about setting up a business I decided I’d have to find myself someone who could help me and their was only one charity I could think of who would really help, Daisy Inclusive UK!  I’ve volunteered for Daisy in the past and know howmuch of an amazing and helpful organisation they’re,  So I went for a meeting with them last Monday to discuss my blog and how I could achieve my dreams of running my own business. They were amazing as ever and now with ongoing  help from them I am on the way to planning and eventually owning my very own business! 🙌 So go check out ‘the can do charity that does’ DaisyUK I really couldnt praise them enough http://www.daisyuk.co.uk

So for someone who wouldn’t normally ask for help I am so glad I did! As the quote above says ‘Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you’re wise!’ I’ve now realised that asking for help doesn’t mean I am weak or stupid for not doing things alone, it simply means that I’m not superwomen and sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction!

All I really want this post to do is let people out there know that at no point in life do you have to be or feel alone! No matter what you’re dealing with at the moment weather it be work related, emotional problems or you’re just feeling a bit lost in life then please don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are so many so people a whonisatnd organisations who will be able to help you and who knows just asking for help might begin change your life for the better!

I’ll leave some links down below that maybe able to help and remember asking for help is not a weakness!





want to get to know me better?


Ive just realised since starting my blog I haven’t really told you guys about me, so I thought i’d do a quick post and give you some random facts about me so here goes..

1. I’m a new years baby – I was born just after 12 pm on new years day! 🎂🎁

2. I havent got a spleen – for anyone who doesn’t know your spleen is an organ that cleans your blood and helps the immune system. 😷

3. I was born weighing the same as a bag of sugar – my clothes were actually dolls clothes for the few months of my life. 🍼

4. I’m absolutely petrified of moths 🙈

5. I’m definitely a tea addict! – I could live on cups of tea. 🍵

6. I’ve got one tattoo of a rose on my hand – I want more but I’m scared.😱

7. I didn’t start walking until I was 6 years old. 👟

8. I hate the fair! – I am the biggest whimp you will ever meet! 🎢

9. My favourite book is Noughts and crosses by Malorie Blackman. 📓

10. My guilty pleasure is Four In A Bed! – I could watch it all day! 📺

These are just 10 small and silly facts but if you want to know anymore, don’t be afraid to ask in the comments below! 💋