Motivational Monday – Love yourself!

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Any of you guys who follow me on any of my social media will know how much I love a ‘selfie’ almost every other picture on my Instagram or Facebook is a posing picture of myself. Sadly though it seems that there are certain people that have to pass judgement or leave a ‘Bitchy’ comment on absolutely everything, I get told on a regular basis that “I’m so vain” or “Wow you love yourself”. Now I can’t lie there was a time that if someone would make a nasty comment about my pictures then I’d take them down or get really upset but as time passes it really doesn’t faze me.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m not the kind of girl who does my make up/hair everyday, most days I can be found slobbing around in my pj’s looking like an absolute mess. On the days when I do wear make up or make an effort then like I’m sure a lot of people do I take about 1000 ‘selfies’ and plaster them everywhere I possibly can. So last week when I was filming with Fixers and I thought I looked pretty, I uploaded a picture and shortly after I received such a lovely message via Facebook that said ‘Oh my god you love yourself don’t you? Just stop!’

If this would of happened a year or so back then I would’ve felt horrible and automatically felt the need to blindly defend myself but this time my reply was ‘Yes I do, thank you!’ because the thing these people who throw comment don’t realise is, like a lot of people I’ve spent a huge chunk of my life wishing I could change myself weather that be my disability, my scars or my stretch marks, now though after years of disliking myself  I genuinely do love myself not in a I’m better than anyone else or I’m Liverpool’s best looking women kind of way but I honestly am learning to love who I am, my flaws and everything I stand for and why shouldn’t I, Why shouldn’t we all?

It’s actually so sad that we live in a world where people seem to try and make themselves feel better by being hurtful towards others and can’t stand it when they see someone who’s confident or happy. why are we made to feel bad because we’re happy with ourselves? We seem to be told at every turn how we should look or act weather that be lose weight, gain weight, change your hair, cover your scars or stretch marks but why is it seen as so bad to just love who we are? flaws and all. We should love every last bit of ourselves no matter what shape or size we are, no matter how many scars or stretch marks we have. Learning to love yourself both inside and out is a beautiful thing so the next time you think you look fierce and you want to upload 900 ‘selfies’ then do it you gorgeous people, do it with pride because you’re beautiful both inside and out! ❤


Motivational Monday – Never be ashamed of your story!


Every single one of us has a story, a past and have been through tough times at one time or another. Everyone has a different story to share in life weather it be of their achievements or their struggles, some find that story easier to share than others.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’ve always been a closed book, I very rarely share how I feel, I’ve never been one to discuss my past and I don’t big up my achievements! It’s funny because I’ve always looked at other people around me who have been through tough times and thought ‘ Wow you’re an inspiration, you should share your story’ but then looked at myself and been somewhat ashamed of myself, my past, my depression and even my disability at certain times in my life.

Earlier this month though I stumbled across this quote and was shocked when I thought back too how closed off and ashamed of my story I used to be, it’s only been since starting this blog last year and having such an amazing response that I’ve realised the girl I used to hide away and be ashamed of, is the same girl that is writing these blogs on a weekly basis and the same girl who is not only no longer hiding but is now proud too share her story.

This past year and this blog has definitely made me realise that no matter who you are or what you have been through, that you should never be ashamed of your past because not only does it make you stronger and help mould you into who you are now but it also helps and inspires others out there, who for whatever reason may be fighting the same struggles alone. So the next time you think back onto your past or your struggles please don’t ever be ashamed, look back and smile because you can use them experiences to help others out there and yourself build a positive future!

Motivational Monday – Don’t be afraid of being alone!

I’m a firm believer that everything that happens in life, happens for a reason and recently never has that saying become truer, so much has happened that has mean’t I’ve realised that not everybody is genuine and certain people are so judgemental but I’m not afraid to admit that when I was younger I was so afraid of being lonely that I became a follower, crowd pleaser, someone who was determined to fit in and make people like me. I’ve been judged and let down like most people but like I said everything happens for a reason and all these judgements/let downs have taught me that I don’t need anybody else to be happy There would of been a time in my life that if people were hurtful or no longer interested in being part of my then I’d try to change myself to keep them by my side but I’m so happy to finally be able to say that over the years I’m learning that I’m a good, genuine person and if people can’t see that then it’s not my loss but theirs!


I’m not saying that I don’t love my friends and family because I do more than life itself but I’ve definitely realised now that you shouldn’t feel the need to change for anybody, I’m comfortable enough now in my own skin to able to say that I would rather be alone but happy and content with myself than to be surrounded by a huge group of people but be unhappy and untrue to myself. So I just wanted to write this post for anyone out there who may be surrounding with themselves with the wrong type of people just in the pursuit of not being lonely, too let you all know that once you spend time being alone and learning to love who you truly are then the right people will be queuing up to be a part of your life!

It’s not you, it’s the world!


My mind well and truly boggles when it comes to any sort of hatred towards any individual weather that be rascism, sexism, disabledism or homophobia, to me a person is just a person no matter what there abilities, skin colour or sexual orientation. Nobody is perfect so what an earth gives anyone the right to judge another human being?

Along with many other people I have spent a lot of years throughtout my life being bullied for the person I am, which meant sadly I’ve always felt like I never truly fitted in and spent a lot of time trying to change who I am to become the worlds idea of ‘normal’. It sickens me that in 2015 people are still be victimised for being themselves but no matter who you’re there will always be some small minded individual, who will judge you weather that be for your race, religion, weight, hair colour or disability.

Earlier this week though I heard about the death of Leelah Alcorn and it shocked me so much, For those of you who don’t know Leelah Alcorn is a transgender teenager from America who came into the headlines after sadly taking her own life and leaving a suicide letter online. In this note Leelah blamed her parents for denying her feelings and forbidding her from transitioning they put her through months of counselling where she was told she wasn’t normal. I’ve grown up to expect discrimination from people who don’t know me or don’t know my situation but suffering hatred from the people who are meant to care and support you more than anyone in this world, your parents must be awful. I can’t imagine how Leelah must of felt, everybody has the right to be who they truly are and the world has lost a beautiful, intelligent young women in loosing Leelah and her parents should be forever ashamed of their pure evilness and small minded attitude towards there incredible daughter. R.I.P Leelah Alcorn ❤


Rest in peace Leelah! x

Luckily when we are younger we don’t always understand that to the world we’re ‘different’ but as soon as I was old enough to realise this I was determined to change the world. My absoloute dream would to be live in and bring my children into a world were they can be proud of who they’re and be free without fear of hatred or discrimination and as cliché as this sounds I will make it happen! I know it’s so easy to say but without action my dream will never become a reality, that s why I want to set up seemenotcp to raise awareness and help people realise that having a disability means nothing, we are all just human beings!


So guys please remember we all deserve happiness and you should never be ashamed of who you are, Go out and show the world that it can’t change you! 2015 is the year to stand up be counted and make a change!

Don’t let people rob your happiness!


first of all sorry I haven’t blogged for a while guys I’ve had a really busy week or so but I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and now I’m back to give you guys some Monday motivation! 🙂

Over the years a  whole range of people enter our lives some just briefly and others become a huge part of the people we are, some teach us things we could’ve never imagined while filling us with joy and happiness. While others will bring nothing of great importance and there negativity may start to hinder our own happiness.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I find it incredibly hard to see the bad in people and like to try and help people be happy, in any way that I can regardless of weather that effects my happiness. Recently though it has become apparent to me that not everybody in my life is as pleased to see me happy as they should be and that the more time I spend around these people the more my happiness just drains from me. So I just wanted to write this post today to say that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your happiness in life, So if the people around you don’t accept and encourage your happy, positive life but instead try to rob you of it then you should ignore these people and start living a life you love!

One of the most important things you can be in life is happy so from today guys please do whatever it is  that makes you happy regardless of what others think, you only get one life and you deserve the best one possible! Always remember that if people don’t bring happiness to your life then they don’t deserve you because you truly deserve happiness!

Comparison is the theif of joy!

In a somewhat self obsessed and image comcious day and age it’s not easy to accept your insecurities and stop comparing yourself to others. It seems that nowadays everybody is in a race to out do each other weather it be looks wise,  jobs, houses or cars, life is becoming one big ccompetition.


I found this quote and it really made so much sense to me, with Celebrities being a massive part of our lives these days, its no wonder we put so much preausre on ourselves to be a perfect size 10 or look exactly like Kim Kardashian does in her latest shoot. What we fail to take into consideration when comparing ourselves to these ‘perfect’ celebrities is that nobody is perfect, Kim Kardashians shoot has been photoshopped about a million times as well as  the tweaking of her photos,  i’m sure she has a huge team of talented indviduals who tend to her needs before she leaves the house. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that like the quote says ‘we shouldn’t compare our behind the scenes e.g waking up in the morning with bed hair to famous celebs final, perfectly fixed up images.

If having a huge list of celebrities to compare ourselves too isn’t bad enough, we now have the media age of social networks to contend with,  where people splash every inch of thier seemingly ever so extravagant or perfect lives all over the internet for us to envy. From perfect couples, expensive holidays, flashy cars or fabulous nights out, we are left feeling underwhelmed and somewhat disappointed in our normal, everyday existence.

Instead of dwelling on our flaws or the things we don’t have, it’s time to start counting our blessings and realising that just because we may not have the best of everything or amazing supermodel looks. Nobody can do YOU as good as YOU can! 


So please if you take anything from this post, remeber You’re all beautiful, talented & special! so please go out thier and rock your UNIQUENESS because nobody is better than you!

Labels are for tins not people!


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‘Labels are for tins not people!’

I found that quote online last week and it really struck a cord with me. The world can be full of judgemental, small minded people who feel the need to put labels on everyone they meet.

Sadly just like so many others I’ve spent alot of my life being labelled by small minded idiots who dont have the first idea about me or my life! Fatty, four eyes, mong and the list goes on! What makes me upset is not any of these names but the fact that for a huge part of my life I  did let these narrow minded people get to me, I was so worried about what people thought of me and because of that I spent far too long being afraid of being myself.


No matter who you are in life  you will get a label, if you’re over weight then you’re fat, if you’re too thin then you’re anorexic it doesn’t matter how  genuine or nice you are in life someone will feel they have the right to give you a label and try to fit you into this little box but who has the right too judge? What makes these judgemental people so perfect?!

Are you perfect if you’re confident? No because then apparently you’re cocky! how about if you’re clever? No then you’re a geek! And I could go on but what I’m trying to say is why do we need all these labels?

To be honest though I wouldn’t even say that it’s the labels that get too me most, it is more the fact that I’m convinced the people who throw out these nasty judgements like they’re nothing, really don’t take the time to realise how thier words can hurt people. My nan always used to say ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’. So think before you speak because nobody should have the right to make another person feel less than they are!

Like the quote says ‘Labels are for tins not people’ and for me that is so true! You are just yourself and that should be more than enough for anybody! The people who care don’t matter and the people who matter don’t care so go out and show the world what you’re made of! Don’t let other people’s opinions or dodgey labels get in the way of you being yourself.

 You were born an original, don’t die a copy! 👏