I’m back – I’ve missed the little blogging world!

6D69AE81-8F55-4B00-9666-D9EDCEC3EB97Sitting here staring at the screen not really knowing where to start or what to say but kind of feeling like I should start with I’m sorry, sorry for going M.I.A for what feels like forever, it’s been a while to say the least hasn’t it guys?

How is everyone?, What’s new? What’s been happening? I can’t actually believe it’s been over 3 years since I last published a post, where does the time go? I’ve missed you guys and this lovely little community so much, I’ve sat here numerous times and tried to write a post but I always ended up deleting it. I kind of feel like I should explain myself and say why I’ve been missing for so long but truth is I don’t really know where to start and so much to say so I’m going to do a specific post on that later on this week.

So anyway you lovely bunch this is just a quick post to say Hi, hey, hello and wanted to let you lot know that I’m hopefully back for good with lots of good disability, mental health and lifestyle posts coming up. Please let me know how you guys have been in the comments below, it’d be amazing to have a catch up! 🙂

Thanks for your support always lovelies! x



I’m back :)


missed you guys!

This week is the first time in what feels like forever that I’ve been on wordpress and the first time since August that I’ve written a blog post which is absolute madness! firstly I want to say sorry for not being around, I’ve missed you guys but also thank you all for still continuing to support my blog even when I’m not blogging as regularly as I would like.

As much as I know you guys are brilliant and won’t expect me to explain myself part of me still feels I should at least try to explain why I haven’t been around for so long, So here goes if you remember in my last post I explained that I’d just recently stopped taking my anti depressants and was finding it a lot more of a struggle than I thought it would be.

Well since my last post in August I’ve still not taken any medication which for me is a massive achievement and something that I’m really proud of, if someone would of told me a few years ago that now I’d be still here, feeling strong and without medication then I probably would’ve laughed at them. I won’t lie and say that every day since August has been all happy because it definitely hasn’t and I’ve had plenty of ups and downs both physically and emotionally which is why I haven’t been around.

When I first started Seemenotcp I promised not only myself but you guys that I would only blog when I felt my content was worth posting and when I felt happy and positive about what I was posting, while I was having a rough time I decided that blogging had to take a back seat and getting myself happy, healthy and things back on track was more important. So off I went and during that time I’ve still had bad days but I’ve also had some really positive and exciting opportunities come my way! (I’ll explain more in another post) the more time that passes the more I realise that I am stronger than I think which is a great feeling!

I’m so happy to be back with my blogging family and hope you guys are all well! x

Motivational Monday – Live in the moment!


We live in such a fast paced world it’s no surprise that we all seem to be constantly busy with one thing or another,  so many deadlines, meetings to attend or chores to get done that all mean it’s so easy to get caught up in what we need to next week,  next month or even next year that we forget about what is happening in the here and now.

I’ll have to admit though as I’m writing this post I’m realising that I’m actually one of the worst people ever for doing this. I get so caught up in fretting over the past or worrying about what the future has in store for me, that I forget with each moment spent with pointless, irrational worries I am losing precious moments in life that are happening right now.


It’s funny though because the older I get the more I realise that tomorrow isn’t promised, so what am I really worrying about? Surely if tomorrow never came the mistakes I’ve made in the past or what i’ll be doing in 10 years would not even be entering my head. The things/people that are making me smile or laugh right now would be the memories I’d want to grab hold of. I’m not at all saying that we should all go off now and never have another worry about the past or even our futures but I know that from now on, I will make more of an effort to stop, look, listen and take in all the beautiful things that are happening right here in front of me!

Please guys cherish the precious moments and live right here in the NOW!

Birmingham proved there are still selfless people around!


So before I talk about why the people of Birmingham were so selfless and lovely, I guess I need to explain why I needed so much help, as many of you will know I have hip dysplasia in my left hip which pretty much always causes me pain but about 3 weeks ago I fell onto my left hip and since then my walking and the pain has deteriorated. I’d booked to go to Birmingham for bank holiday weekend with my best friend weeks before my fall and anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t like accepting that I’m struggling so although I could hardly walk off I went for my weekend away.

Me & Sarah are the type of people that when we’re together things never seem to run smoothly and this was no exception due to work on the line we couldn’t get a direct train to Birmingham which meant we had to change at Nuneaton and work 35 minutes for our next train, so after being on my feet and trying to lug my case (never pack light) I knew my leg probably wasn’t going to hold out the weekend before we even got to our hotel. We’d booked to see Dirty Dancing Live on the Friday once we got there which was amazing yet again I must say and I’d highly recommend any Dirty Dancing fans too go and see it, after Dirty Dancing Birmingham city was packed due to it being Bank holiday and Pride weekend so we jumped a taxi to get some food which was when I saw how amazingly kind some people can be, as we stopped the taxi because of my leg the driver could see I was struggling and instead of just watching me struggle like many have in the past, this lovely man jumped out of his cab to help lift me into the taxi, which may not seem like much but too me meant an awful lot!

dirty dancingedited

After a good nights sleep and painkillers we headed for a day of shopping but after spending two hours in a packed Primark with people pushing there way through crowds, my leg had other ideas and I just fell down in tears in the middle of town, I was an emotional wreck when one of the loveliest things happened, a young girl came out of a shop and asked if I wanted to come in and rest, she invited us both in and got me a chair too sit down. After the taxi drivers help and the woman randomly offering me a seat I was already in love with how selfless the people of Birmingham had been but it didn’t stop there, we headed off to find shop-mobility so that I could rent a wheelchair and enjoy the rest of the shopping trip, it was over the other side of the shopping centre so Sarah went in the hunt of a wheelchair for me unfortunately when she got there Sarah was told they couldn’t give her a wheelchair without me being there but once she explained the situation the women was kind enough to bring the wheelchair too me. So after our day of shopping we headed back too our hotel before getting ready and heading back out for a few drinks in Birmingham and headed back to sleep before we had to head home early the next day.

The following day we woke up early and headed for breakfast by this point having been on my feet all weekend my leg was worse than ever, I could just about walk so that mixed with carrying shopping bags and cases didn’t make for the best situation. By the time we got to the station I was really struggling which meant poor Sarah was left carrying all our bags and I was just about managing to walk but yet again luckily for us the people of Birmingham showed true selflessness and a lovely man came and carried our bags while Sarah helped me walk. Once we got inside the station the man who carried our bags told us to wait there and said he would be right back, we were slightly confused but waited there as he’d said then less than 5 minutes later  the man came back with another man and a wheelchair. I was so grateful by the fact that although I hadn’t requested assistants before travelling, the man had seen me struggling and got me help.  After I’d say thank you a million times this lovely man took me, Sarah and all our bags straight to the platform and then helped me along with everything else onto the train and assured us that there would be help waiting for us at the other end in Liverpool.

me & sarahedited

Sadly we live in a world where people being genuinely nice comes as more of a shock to us then people who are hurtful or selfish but just a short stay in Birmingham really did restore my faith and show me the world definitely does still have some wonderful, selfless and caring people in it!

Motivational Monday – Don’t worry about the haters!

If you asked any of my friends about me they would probably say ‘she worries too much what people think & tries to please them no matter what’ and I’m not afraid to admit that in the past I’ve wasted so much of my time over analysing why people may not like me and trying to change their perceptions of me. Growing up and especially during my teenage years I was convinced that if someone didn’t like me or showed hatred towards me or what I was doing then it was because of something I’d done or said.


Slowly though as the years go by I’ve realised everybody will have haters, no matter who you are or what you are doing there will always be someone out there who will try and pull you down and hate on you. We live in a world sadly were a lot of people seem to strive on hating towards others, if you are rich, poor, pretty, successful, I mean even the most successful, powerful people on the planet have haters, you name it and people will find a reason why they dislike you!


Now though instead of worrying about why these people spread their hate or spending days on end trying to make them like me, I know feel for these people because the reason these people hate on others is not a reflection of you, it is a reflection of them because they’re jealous of how well you are doing and wish they could be as happy/successful as you are. So I just wanted to round this post up by saying next time you get hate towards you please forget the haters, they have no genuine reason for their hate so keep doing you because them haters will soon turn into lovers when they see how well you are doing!


Life lessons for my younger self!

PicMonkey Collageyoungerself

Firstly guys I just want to say that I’m so sorry that I haven’t been around much lately but like I’ve said on various social media, I’ve had major writers block and  that teamed with a lot of things going on has meant I haven’t been in the right frame of mind to blog.

Recently I’ve been over thinking a lot so I thought what better time to do a post about things I wish I could tell my younger self, obviously I would be here all day if I wrote down everything I wish I could say so I thought I’d keep it short and just do the 5 that I think are the most important.

Don’t be gullible – Not everyone out there is as genuine as they may seem and soon you will start to realise that certain people will tell you anything they have to, if it means that they will get what they want. I’m not saying they there aren’t genuine and honest people out there but please just remember to not believe and trust everything you are told.

Be proud of who you are – I know like every young girl you have dreams of being a perfect supermodel with a size 6 waist and looks to die for but I can guarantee too you that nobody is as perfect as they may seem and you are imperfections are what make you unique and special. Don’t waste the next few years of your life wanting to be someone else you are beautiful..be proud of yourself!

Don’t dwell on the past –  Certain things will happen during your life that you will wish you could change or do differently but one thing I’ve learnt is that yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised, No matter what you can’t change your past and by living in the past you are doing nothing but robbing yourself of future happiness. By the time you get too the age I am now you will realise that all the trivial idiots from the past and the things that happened have no significance on your future.

Bad times won’t last forever –  I know during these crappy times you will feel like nothing will ever get better for you but I’m so happy to be able to promise you that they definitely will, there will become a time in your life when you will be so glad you stuck with it and overcome the bad days because great things lay ahead.

Don’t chase people – This one is something I know you would laugh at me for because I know that you don’t believe you do this but please don’t ever feel the need to chase people to keep them in your life, If you mean as much to these people as they say you do then they won’t need chasing because they will be right there by your side wanting to be apart of your life.

So if you had the chance to go back in time and talk too your younger self what would you say guys?

Motivational Monday – Don’t be afraid of being alone!

I’m a firm believer that everything that happens in life, happens for a reason and recently never has that saying become truer, so much has happened that has mean’t I’ve realised that not everybody is genuine and certain people are so judgemental but I’m not afraid to admit that when I was younger I was so afraid of being lonely that I became a follower, crowd pleaser, someone who was determined to fit in and make people like me. I’ve been judged and let down like most people but like I said everything happens for a reason and all these judgements/let downs have taught me that I don’t need anybody else to be happy There would of been a time in my life that if people were hurtful or no longer interested in being part of my then I’d try to change myself to keep them by my side but I’m so happy to finally be able to say that over the years I’m learning that I’m a good, genuine person and if people can’t see that then it’s not my loss but theirs!


I’m not saying that I don’t love my friends and family because I do more than life itself but I’ve definitely realised now that you shouldn’t feel the need to change for anybody, I’m comfortable enough now in my own skin to able to say that I would rather be alone but happy and content with myself than to be surrounded by a huge group of people but be unhappy and untrue to myself. So I just wanted to write this post for anyone out there who may be surrounding with themselves with the wrong type of people just in the pursuit of not being lonely, too let you all know that once you spend time being alone and learning to love who you truly are then the right people will be queuing up to be a part of your life!

Motivational Monday – Do it now, sometimes later becomes never!


Any of you guys who know me or who have followed me for a while will know that I’m a girl of many dreams but one of my biggest ambitions is to get into modelling, for years it’s been something I’ve never had the confidence to do but this week something in my mind set changed and I decided to take the plunge and registered my interest with a modelling agency! 😀 So a few days later having heard nothing back I just assumed it was unsuccessful but yesterday I received and amazingly exciting email saying that my application had been successful and I would now be put on their website, How exciting is that?!

So anyway this past week has been lovely and I’m so excited too see what the future holds but this has got me to thinking ‘why do we spend so much time in life putting things on hold?’ for me it has always been worry, nerves or just complete lack of confidence that has held me back and stopped me grabbing life with both hands but after receiving this email I began to think what if I never tried? I would be left with huge regret and disappointment in myself!

I know due to living hectic lives that a lot of us like myself are forever putting things off, I’m guilty of saying the infamous ‘I’ll do it later’ and if I’m honest that list of I’ll do it later’s just gets bigger and bigger. Obviously there are things that will always be put off, the washing, ironing & tidying up? but I just wanted to write this post to say that tomorrow isn’t always promised, so if you’ve got dreams, ambitions or just important tasks that really need doing then don’t wait another minute get out there and do them now.. You never know where they might end up leading you!!


Happy National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day!


Today 25th March 2015 marks National Cerebral Palsy Awareness day, so I couldn’t let it pass by without writing a post so I thought I’d do a post about all things positive when it comes to Cerebral Palsy. I thought I’d write a list of 5 celebrities with Cerebral Palsy who inspire me because they have never let their disability hold them back when it comes to pursing their  dreams.


Francesca Martinez –  Francesca Martinez is best known for being a stand up comedian & actress but she is also a campaigner. Francesca’s attitude towards disability and her Cerebral Palsy is refreshing and is something that inspires me and many others to never let CP get us down.


Christy Brown – Christy Brown is someone I’ve only recently heard of but wow what an amazing example of not letting anything stand in your way, Christy was born with severe Cerebral Palsy and his parents were sadly to when he was born that he would have no sort of life as he only had control over just one limb which was his left foot. Despite doctors predictions Christy went on to have an amazing career in both art and poetry and sold his amazing paintings done with just his foot all over the world.


Anne McDonald –  Anne McDonald was an author and an advocate for people with communication difficulties sadly Anne had a difficult start in life which saw her be neglected and starved at the hands of her carers. Despite her difficult start in life and her serve Cerebral Palsy Anne never let that hold her back, Anne’s book called ‘Annie’s coming out’ all about Annie’s life won numerous awards and went on to be made into an award winning film. As well as this Anne was also an amazing advocate who did so much to help raise awareness for people with Cerebral Palsy and communication difficulties.


Abby Curran –  Abby is an american beauty pageant contestant who was the first person with a disability to compete in Miss USA, she now appears on American TV regularly and has now set up her own pageants for young girls with disabilities called ‘The Miss You Can Do It’ pageant.


Dan Keplinger –  Dan is best known for his art and his Oscar award winning short film King Gimp, He is an incredibly talented artist and also a great example of how cerebral palsy doesn’t have to stop you living and pursuing your dreams. Dan is now a motivational speaker and talks all around the world inspiring people and motivating them to find and pursue their passions in life.

This list is just a small example of 5 incredible people who are proud of their Cerebral Palsy and have never let it hold them back or define them, I know so many incredible people who aren’t famous who motivate and inspire me everyday! Who inspires or motivates you guys?

Since starting this blog I’ve had so many amazing comments and emails of people saying they love my passion and positivity when it comes to my disability and it’s such a lovely feeling because only a few years ago I really struggled to accept and love my disability, so I wanted to use today to let anyone out there who might be struggling with accepting their CP know that it will happen eventually over time you will come too realise that your Cerebral Palsy is just a tiny part of who you are and you can achieve incredible things! One question I get asked a lot is ‘Would you take a cure for you Cerebral Palsy?’ & the answer always is  NO without a doubt, I’m not saying that my CP doesn’t annoy me at times but I consider myself to be blessed and I’m proud of who I am Cerebral Palsy and all! I think we should use everyday but especially days like National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day to unite and show the world that we’re proud of our Cerebral Palsy and that it won’t stop us making our mark on the world!

PicMonkey Collage7778

So I just want to finish this post by saying Happy National Cerebral Palsy Day too all my fellow CP’ers I hope you all have an amazing day and keep showing the world how incredible you are and let them know that having Cerebral Palsy is not a big issue, we will never let it dull our sparkle! ❤

The Do’s & Don’t’s Of Disability!


As a lot of you will know I’m looking to set up my own disability awareness training business so over the last few months I’ve been attending some business training courses. Being on these courses has brought up a number of questions about what I do and don’t find acceptable when it comes to my disability, this has got me to thinking how awkward or uncomfortable certain people feel when it comes to disability because they don’t know how to act for the best. Every disability and every person with a disability is different so I’m not saying that my list of do’s and don’t’s will fit everybody but they are definitely important too me.

The Do’s!

  • Do ask questions – I know certain people don’t feel comfortable answering questions about their disability but for me I’d much rather some one ask about my disability than just sit there wondering.
  • Do speak directly to me – I’ve been out on numerous occasions either just in the street or at appointments and someone will look right at me but then speak directly to my parents like I’m not even in the room, I have a disability that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me.
  • Do act normal –  I am a human being just like anyone else, I don’t need any kind of special treatment just treat me like you would any other person.
  • Do see any mobility aids as part of my personal space – Weather it be walking sticks or a wheelchair, it is part of the person so don’t lean all over it or move it without asking the person. I wouldn’t come a pick you up and carry you off so please don’t push my wheelchair without asking me.
  • Do think before you speak – I’ve always been told to think before I speak and this is a saying some people have never heard because I’ve been asked and heard so many ridiculous things when it comes to my disability and if people just took a second to think before they speak then this awkwardness wouldn’t happen.

The Don’t’s!

  • Don’t make assumptions – One of my biggest bugs is when someone knows one disabled person or one person with Cerebral Palsy so they just assume they know me and how I am.
  • Don’t patronize me – I’ve had so many people who see my disability then for some reason think they need to speak to me like I’m a child, I’m 25 years old my disability does not effect that.
  • Don’t help me without asking – This may sound a bit harsh as I know people will think they’re being kind by helping and I’m grateful that people want to help me but I can’t stand it when someone comes over and just takes over or starts doing something for me without asking do I need their help.
  • Don’t tap or touch me –  This one actually makes me laugh and I genuinely don’t understand it, would you go up to a stranger and tap their head? No so why is acceptable if the person is disabled? Let’s be honest it’s not it’s just disrespectful!
  • Don’t single me out of conversations – I remember being in college and being sat with a group of girls who decided to leave me out of a conversations about boyfriends because they assumed I didn’t have a boyfriend because I was disabled, which of course isn’t true! If I don’t won’t to be involved in a conversation I am more than capable of letting you know.

So I hope that this short list helps anyone out there who may be struggling when it comes to interacting with people with a disability and please remember the most important thing is that we’re just like anybody other person! Interacting with someone with a disability shouldn’t be a big deal!