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The Basics 👍




Right if this turns into a massive ramble I’m sorry, anyone who knows me will tell you I’ve got a tendancy to go on once I start!

As you know I’m Michelle but everyone calls me Chelle, I’m a scouser and yes I do have the awful accent 🙉 haha. As  you’ve probably guessed from the blog name I was born with Cerebral Palsy (spastic Diplegia) which basically means I wobble a tiny bit and have awful co ordination. I’m a typical women who loves shopping and all things beauty, I love animals especially dogs and have one Japense Akita called Rico.

I suppose you’re wanting to know why I started blogging..

Well the honest answer is iwanttochange theworld!.  sounds a bit dramatic I know but seriously I do, I want to change peoples narrow minds and make people see disabilities as normal. I also wanted to make  a place where people could come and share experiences, ask questions or just have a nose into my life.

My loves





Make up

My iPhone

My hates 

Small mindedness

Negative people


People who stare

Loud eaters/slurpers

Right I’m going to stop now before I bore you all!

Any questions just ask.

Lots of love 💋

31 thoughts on “About

  1. Michelle, thank you for sharing your journey. You are inspiring! As new parents to a little baby with CP, you give give us much hope. Keep writing, and sharing your story – you will help others….blessings xx

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    • Aww thank you very much for such a lovely comment! One of the biggest things I want to do with my life is help others and let them know they aren’t alone! Your daughter is beautiful and I hope she achieves every dream she has, which I’m sure she will with such supportive parents!
      If you’ve got any questions or just want to chat don’t hesitate to message me.
      Take care
      Michelle xx

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  2. Great blog, Chelle! I hope lots of people come across it and learn a little more about CP. I think the gateway to open mindedness is awareness and education. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. You’re well on the way to making a big difference in the world by opening up about your disability.

    I recently visited Liverpool (my next blog post is about that) and I loved it! I was only in the downtown area near the wharf with the ferris wheel because I didn’t have long to stay there but what I saw was lovely.

    I look forward to reading more!

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    • Hi Lisa, Thanks a lot!
      You’re so right when you say people are afraid of what they don’t understand but hopefully with blogs like yours, mine and many others then we can start making the world a better place together! Its nice to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Liverpool, it seems to get a lot of bad press but it is a beautiful city! Can’t wait to read your post about it.


  3. Michelle! You sound like an awesome person, thank you for sharing your heartfelt and such personal story. You’re beautiful and Im totally jealous of your accent! Can’t wait to read ydour blogs. I’m new to,blogging but maybe you could check out my page, thank you!!!


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