Motivational Monday – Never be ashamed of your story!


Every single one of us has a story, a past and have been through tough times at one time or another. Everyone has a different story to share in life weather it be of their achievements or their struggles, some find that story easier to share than others.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’ve always been a closed book, I very rarely share how I feel, I’ve never been one to discuss my past and I don’t big up my achievements! It’s funny because I’ve always looked at other people around me who have been through tough times and thought ‘ Wow you’re an inspiration, you should share your story’ but then looked at myself and been somewhat ashamed of myself, my past, my depression and even my disability at certain times in my life.

Earlier this month though I stumbled across this quote and was shocked when I thought back too how closed off and ashamed of my story I used to be, it’s only been since starting this blog last year and having such an amazing response that I’ve realised the girl I used to hide away and be ashamed of, is the same girl that is writing these blogs on a weekly basis and the same girl who is not only no longer hiding but is now proud too share her story.

This past year and this blog has definitely made me realise that no matter who you are or what you have been through, that you shouldΒ never be ashamed of your past because not only does it make you stronger and help mould you into who you are now but it also helps and inspires others out there, who for whatever reason may be fighting the same struggles alone. So the next time you think back onto your past or your struggles please don’t ever be ashamed, look back and smile because you can use them experiences to help others out there and yourself build a positive future!


11 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Never be ashamed of your story!

  1. I totally agree with you, I was exactly the same until a few months ago when I discovered the idea of blogging. I now think there is nothing to be ashamed of, the only important thing is to be proud of who you are and be happy! πŸ™‚ Only you can take control of your life, so don’t let anyone bring you down. Very motivational post, love it xx

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  2. This is a fantastic realisation to have and it’s really encouraging! All of my life (until 2 years ago) I felt like I had to constantly make excuses and lie about why I was struggling with simple things such as “I’m tired” or “Oh it was a late one last night!” or “What were you saying, or right, sorry I’ve, er… got a lot on my mind” because I was embarrassed. Or like you are saying: sometimes I’d just be so closed off around new people they’d think I was being snobby. How sad to live life like that. If non of us share things are we ever going to realise that other people might be going through similar things or feel any self confidence? So true – should definitely own our experiences and be proud of our stories xx

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    • Exactly Chrissie I think a lot of people can take you the wrong way when you’re so guarded they can sometimes think you’re being stand off ish but now I definitely think sharing our stories with one another makes us stronger! xx

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  3. Spot on with this one Michelle, you have to realise sometime but you also have to remember it’s never to late. No one should feel ashamed for uncontrolled things or feelings in life.


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