I did it! – Race for life 2015! <3


As you will know from my previous post a couple of weeks ago, I signed up to do Race For Life again this year on Sunday 21st June. So I thought I’d just do a quick post to update you all on how it went.

The race came around so much quicker than we had expected but me and Sarah were so excited as it’s always such a fun and emotional day. I spent Sunday morning getting ready and just taking it easy before the race then headed to Aintree race course too meet Sarah at 2pm for the big warm. When we arrived as always the atmosphere was amazing, seeing everyone united for such an amazing cause is always such a special feeling!


As you will know from the previous post I had planned to complete this years race in my chair but in the days leading up to my leg hadn’t been bad so I said I would try my best to at least walk some of the 5K. So I still took my chair with me and headed to the start line under the strict instruction to use my chair if I felt tired but anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m very stubborn and don’t particularly like using my chair unless I’m desperate need. So I ended up walking the whole 5K with just a couple of ‘sit downs’, obviously it took me longer than last years because I was in quite a bit of pain near the end but I was beyond proud that I still managed to complete it all without using my chair. We completed the race in 1 hour 36 minutes and I raised an amazing £190, I can’t think everyone enough for their incredible support and hope that one together we will find a cure for al cancers!


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