Motivational Monday – Over thinking is never useful!


I don’t know about you guys but I’m probably the worst person ever for over thinking and over analysing situations, don’t get me wrong I actually love being a deep thinker but I think there is a huge difference between being a thinker who thinks about the positives or being someone like me who is a huge stress head who over thinks everything.

So like I said I’ve always been a thinker and that’s something I wouldn’t change, making positive plans for your future fills you with happiness and excitement for the life you’re living. Whereas over thinking seems to happen at the most frustrating of times you know the ones, you get into bed looking forward to settling down and boom your mind starts ticking away with a load of what if’s, maybe’s and if only’s. that are pointless at that inappropriate hour of the night but are also pretty pointless to your life in general, I mean how is worrying or over analysing a situations that happened 6 months ago at 2 am on a Sunday morning any use?

So like I said over thinking has never brought me any useful outcomes in fact my brain over thinking seems to do nothing other than creating problems or scenarios that either aren’t as bad as they seem or might not even exist if my brain stopped playing games and just relaxed. I saw an amazing quote this week that summed this post and me up perfectly!

over thinking quotes 3

So although we are al guilty of it the next time your brain goes into over drive ask yourself ‘Is this really going to help’ chance is the answer will be no so take some deep breathes and calm down. There will always be certain problems or situations in life that no matter we dwell or think about them, we won’t be able to change the outcome so just breathe, relax and trust the path life has chosen for you!


One thought on “Motivational Monday – Over thinking is never useful!

  1. Sometimes over thinking can create things that are not there,so I say live in the now,remember the past and look forward to the future.


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