Race For Life 2015!


If you guys have been here from the start then you will know I walked Race For Life for the first time last year, I absolutely loved the whole experience and atmosphere so much that I promised myself that I would definitely be doing it again this year.

I kept too my word and signed up for this years race about a month ago and was determined to walk it in a quicker time than last year even if it was just by a few minutes then that would be an achievement I was proud of. I’d been training really hard on the treadmill and my time was getting closer to beating last years.

6275_10154831627515585_2143954656050875921_n (1)

Sadly though over the last few weeks with all the walking and my recent fall my hip dysplasia has decided to rear it’s ugly head and come back worse than ever, too the point that I can no longer bear weight on my left leg, which too my disappointment now means I won’t be able to walk this years race but I will be still be taking part and completing the race in my chair. Everyone keeps telling me that it’s not how I complete the race that matters but just being a part of the whole experience and raising money for such an amazing cause but there is still apart of me that wishes I was walking the race again this year.

So although like I said a little part of me is disappointed that I can’t walk it, I am still really excited about being part of Race For life again and raising money for such a worthy cause.Good luck and a huge well done too anyone else taking part in this years race and If any of you guys would like to sponsor me then I would be incredibly grateful! I shall leave the link to my JustGiving page down below.



7 thoughts on “Race For Life 2015!

  1. Congratulations to you for keeping going!
    I have pledged to run this years race and have been hard in training for 7 weeks doing the 0-5K app!
    Well done you, I will be racing mine on July 19th.

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      • Aww you don’t need to sponsor me Hunny! you’re doing your own fantastic work! That’s really kind though 😘
        Yeah I love the whole day – the bit before where all of the ladies unite and do the warm up 😁 xx


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