Motivational Monday – FEAR Isn’t real!

fear isnt real

 It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from or what you have,  sadly fear is something no one gets away from. So weather you are a 70 year old man who has experienced almost everything in life or a young child just starting out in life, we all fear something.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes ranging from the smaller more rational fears e.g starting a new job or meeting new people or if you’re like me you may have more unusual fears.  One of my fears is water and it’s something I’ve been scared of since I was younger,  I’m not scared of water as in out of the tap but more the sea or a river type of water.

will smith quote

I’m the type of person who seems to be stupidly scared of a lot of things e.g creepy crawlies, meeting new people or the unknown, you name it and I’m in some way scared of it but earlier this week I stumbled across the above quotes and they made a lot of sense and made something click with me.

I’m not sitting here now thinking that after reading these quotes we’ll all no longer have fears because we will probably always fear certain things but the next time you feel scared or fearful of something just ask yourself ‘is this False Evidence Appearing Real?’


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