Birmingham proved there are still selfless people around!


So before I talk about why the people of Birmingham were so selfless and lovely, I guess I need to explain why I needed so much help, as many of you will know I have hip dysplasia in my left hip which pretty much always causes me pain but about 3 weeks ago I fell onto my left hip and since then my walking and the pain has deteriorated. I’d booked to go to Birmingham for bank holiday weekend with my best friend weeks before my fall and anyone who knows me will tell you I don’t like accepting that I’m struggling so although I could hardly walk off I went for my weekend away.

Me & Sarah are the type of people that when we’re together things never seem to run smoothly and this was no exception due to work on the line we couldn’t get a direct train to Birmingham which meant we had to change at Nuneaton and work 35 minutes for our next train, so after being on my feet and trying to lug my case (never pack light) I knew my leg probably wasn’t going to hold out the weekend before we even got to our hotel. We’d booked to see Dirty Dancing Live on the Friday once we got there which was amazing yet again I must say and I’d highly recommend any Dirty Dancing fans too go and see it, after Dirty Dancing Birmingham city was packed due to it being Bank holiday and Pride weekend so we jumped a taxi to get some food which was when I saw how amazingly kind some people can be, as we stopped the taxi because of my leg the driver could see I was struggling and instead of just watching me struggle like many have in the past, this lovely man jumped out of his cab to help lift me into the taxi, which may not seem like much but too me meant an awful lot!

dirty dancingedited

After a good nights sleep and painkillers we headed for a day of shopping but after spending two hours in a packed Primark with people pushing there way through crowds, my leg had other ideas and I just fell down in tears in the middle of town, I was an emotional wreck when one of the loveliest things happened, a young girl came out of a shop and asked if I wanted to come in and rest, she invited us both in and got me a chair too sit down. After the taxi drivers help and the woman randomly offering me a seat I was already in love with how selfless the people of Birmingham had been but it didn’t stop there, we headed off to find shop-mobility so that I could rent a wheelchair and enjoy the rest of the shopping trip, it was over the other side of the shopping centre so Sarah went in the hunt of a wheelchair for me unfortunately when she got there Sarah was told they couldn’t give her a wheelchair without me being there but once she explained the situation the women was kind enough to bring the wheelchair too me. So after our day of shopping we headed back too our hotel before getting ready and heading back out for a few drinks in Birmingham and headed back to sleep before we had to head home early the next day.

The following day we woke up early and headed for breakfast by this point having been on my feet all weekend my leg was worse than ever, I could just about walk so that mixed with carrying shopping bags and cases didn’t make for the best situation. By the time we got to the station I was really struggling which meant poor Sarah was left carrying all our bags and I was just about managing to walk but yet again luckily for us the people of Birmingham showed true selflessness and a lovely man came and carried our bags while Sarah helped me walk. Once we got inside the station the man who carried our bags told us to wait there and said he would be right back, we were slightly confused but waited there as he’d said then less than 5 minutes later  the man came back with another man and a wheelchair. I was so grateful by the fact that although I hadn’t requested assistants before travelling, the man had seen me struggling and got me help.  After I’d say thank you a million times this lovely man took me, Sarah and all our bags straight to the platform and then helped me along with everything else onto the train and assured us that there would be help waiting for us at the other end in Liverpool.

me & sarahedited

Sadly we live in a world where people being genuinely nice comes as more of a shock to us then people who are hurtful or selfish but just a short stay in Birmingham really did restore my faith and show me the world definitely does still have some wonderful, selfless and caring people in it!


One thought on “Birmingham proved there are still selfless people around!

  1. I’m sad but happy also with this post sad for the fact that you suffered hard with your fall,but happy cause yes there are nice people out there and all those people who helped showed kindness does not cost a thing yet there isn’t a lot about these days in ways of kindness but when it does happen it just goes to show.


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