Motivational Monday – Don’t take others opinions personally!

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Firstly I’d just like to thank you all such much for your lovely, heartfelt comments, through my tough times they mean’t the world too me and really showed me how much blogging has brought so many wonderful people into my life.

I’m feeling much more positive and thought that this would be the perfect time to share this positivity with you guys and hopefully start your week off on a good footing, with my first Motivational Monday in a while.

The older I get and the more things I experience the more life lessons I learn, so when I saw this quote I couldn’t help but write a post about it. In a world where people will always have something too say regardless of how kind, well mannered or happy you try to be, it’s hard not to take on others opinions of you and let them drag you down.

I can definitely hand on heart say that the more people judge me, the more I’m starting to realise that their opinions or judgements of me really are nothing to do with me at all but more a reflection of them and how they feel about themselves.

people will love you

I’m the type of person who maybe naively likes to believe that everybody is a good person deep down which is why I honestly do believe that if a person is trying to be hurtful or cruel towards you then it is definitely more to do with their own personal struggles or how they perceive themselves than it is too do with you or your abilities.

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6 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Don’t take others opinions personally!

  1. I’m so glad you are feeling more positive now, Chelle. I was so happy to see this post…the blogosphere has missed you!

    Call me overly optimistic, but I do think most, if not all people are good at heart. We live in a crazy, dog-eat-dog world where bad things happen and that has a tendency to mess and mix people up. Unless someone’s a complete psychopath, I truly believe that people who act cruelly toward others have their own issues that they haven’t confronted.

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