Motivational Monday – Don’t worry about the haters!

If you asked any of my friends about me they would probably say ‘she worries too much what people think & tries to please them no matter what’ and I’m not afraid to admit that in the past I’ve wasted so much of my time over analysing why people may not like me and trying to change their perceptions of me. Growing up and especially during my teenage years I was convinced that if someone didn’t like me or showed hatred towards me or what I was doing then it was because of something I’d done or said.


Slowly though as the years go by I’ve realised everybody will have haters, no matter who you are or what you are doing there will always be someone out there who will try and pull you down and hate on you. We live in a world sadly were a lot of people seem to strive on hating towards others, if you are rich, poor, pretty, successful, I mean even the most successful, powerful people on the planet have haters, you name it and people will find a reason why they dislike you!


Now though instead of worrying about why these people spread their hate or spending days on end trying to make them like me, I know feel for these people because the reason these people hate on others is not a reflection of you, it is a reflection of them because they’re jealous of how well you are doing and wish they could be as happy/successful as you are. So I just wanted to round this post up by saying next time you get hate towards you please forget the haters, they have no genuine reason for their hate so keep doing you because them haters will soon turn into lovers when they see how well you are doing!

Β savvy-quote-haters-dont-really-hate-01


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