Motivational Monday – Don’t be afraid of being alone!

I’m a firm believer that everything that happens in life, happens for a reason and recently never has that saying become truer, so much has happened that has mean’t I’ve realised that not everybody is genuine and certain people are so judgemental but I’m not afraid to admit that when I was younger I was so afraid of being lonely that I became a follower, crowd pleaser, someone who was determined to fit in and make people like me. I’ve been judged and let down like most people but like I said everything happens for a reason and all these judgements/let downs have taught me that I don’t need anybody else to be happy There would of been a time in my life that if people were hurtful or no longer interested in being part of my then I’d try to change myself to keep them by my side but I’m so happy to finally be able to say that over the years I’m learning that I’m a good, genuine person and if people can’t see that then it’s not my loss but theirs!


I’m not saying that I don’t love my friends and family because I do more than life itself but I’ve definitely realised now that you shouldn’t feel the need to change for anybody, I’m comfortable enough now in my own skin to able to say that I would rather be alone but happy and content with myself than to be surrounded by a huge group of people but be unhappy and untrue to myself. So I just wanted to write this post for anyone out there who may be surrounding with themselves with the wrong type of people just in the pursuit of not being lonely, too let you all know that once you spend time being alone and learning to love who you truly are then the right people will be queuing up to be a part of your life!


2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Don’t be afraid of being alone!

  1. I love being alone. I’m not a loner in any way, but I do like to have my alone time. I find it to be very healthy. I actually had a friend who was so afraid of being alone that they would be way to pushy when it came to hanging out with people. She lost a lot of friends because of this, and I am one of them because it got to be way to much. Wonderful post! Loved it! 🙂

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