Motivational Monday – Achieving an healthier lifestyle!


Summer is fast approaching guys and I’m beyond excited to see what the beautiful months ahead have in stall for us, I don’t know about everyone else but as a women I feel their is an even bigger pressure in the summer months to look our best, the outfits get brighter and a lot more daring, which isn’t always great when you aren’t comfortable with your body. So the months leading up to summer see a lot of us trying our best to shed a few extra pounds and become happier with our bodies before we hit the beach.


When it came to my weight loss journey I’m not afraid to admit that I was one of these people who had convinced myself that being healthy meant I had to eat a ton of salad and be hungry 99% of the time but this just isn’t true, I’ve learnt that there are so many myths out there and one of the biggest ones I’ve heard is you have to cut out all your favourites treats while living a healthier lifestyle. Being healthier and happier doesn’t mean you have to ban yourself from the things you love, it’s just all about moderation.


So I’m here to just write a quick post to keep all you guys who are on your weight loss journey or just looking to live a healthier lifestyle as motivated as possible! I’m not going to sit here and write a load of lies about how quick and easy it is to lose weight or become healthier because it’s not, it takes time and determination. In fact it’s probably one of the hardest journeys I’ve ever been on, The fact is you will get hungry, you will get cravings and you will have days when you just want to give up but if you can keep fighting and working hard through them difficult days then I can guarantee that in the end you’ll be so much happier and proud of how far you have come. Another important thing to remember when striving to be healthier is that it shouldn’t be about what numbers flash on the scales, it is about feeling better and healthier in your skin, there is no perfect size


So just remember guys that everyone’s weight loss journey will be different and even though you may have ups and downs YOU CAN DO THIS!


One thought on “Motivational Monday – Achieving an healthier lifestyle!

  1. Yes yes yes,sadly it is true more for us women to look are best. But my attitude as I’ve got older is to love yourself no matter how big or small you are feel comfortable as you. Yes stay healthily as that’s important no matter what size you are. Today society needs to change embrace what you have cause after all its your life and what’s the point in having a sad and unhappy one. You’ve come a long way Michelle well done hunni x

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