Making huge steps forward in the fashion industry!

diversity is beautiful

From reading previous posts I’m guessing that you will know by now how important it is too me and how passionate I am about seeing more disabled people within the media e.g in films, music or the fashion industry, I believe that if disability was displayed more in the media then there would be less discrimination which in turn means people would become a lot more accepting and open minded.

As the years go on things really are improving but they’re no where near perfect so you can imagine my happiness earlier this week when I stumbled across a news article about the beautiful and talented Jamie Brewer, for those who don’t know Jamie is a British actress/model who is best known for her role in American Horror  Story as well as this Jamie is also an activist, writer and artist but Jamie proved once again this week that having a disability should never stop you from following your dreams by being the first women with down syndrome to rock the catwalk at Fashion week in New York.


Jamie along with other disabled models showed the world that disability isn’t a barrier and became part of  history by being part of  designer Carrie Hammers ‘Role models not runway models show’ this show was about a lot more than looks and just fashion though, it had a brilliant concept behind it of showcasing beautiful, inspiring, strong and passionate models who had a range of different abilities. So this show was an absolute perfect fit for Jamie who just goes to show everyone out there that no matter what disability you’ve got you’re fabulous and can achieve so many great things.

jamie brewer

Something you guys may not know about me is that my dream is be a model and it has been since I can remember. Sadly I’ve never really had the confidence or belief in myself to take it any further than just a dream, so too see other women out there like Jamie Brewer or Chelsey Jay Reyonlds (Both beautiful disabled women) going out there strutting their stuff on a huge catwalk or posing beautifully in front of the camera, not only fills me with pride but also pushes and motivates me to see my beauty and never let my imperfections stop me.


FTL Moda - Runway - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2015


All these models shown above are stunning regardless of what disability they have  but when is the last time you saw any of them on a billboard or in your local high street shops? Sadly I’m guessing the answer is never! So although things are definitely moving in the right direction, more still needs to be done to help get disabled models out there into the mainstream media.

I’d love to hear what you guys think is there enough diversity in the fashion industry? Why do you think disabled models aren’t used within the media as widely as there able bodied peers?


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