Motivational Monday – Stand up for what you believe in!


One of the things I love most about our wonderful world is the diversity that is all around us, no matter who you are or where you are from no two people you meet will ever be the same. Too me that is incredible no one looks alike, acts alike, walks alike, talks alike or even thinks alike with this in mind it’s no wonder we live in a world full of debates and people trying to make their voice heard.

If you are anything like me then you are the type of person who will never stop fighting for what they believe is right but like I said everyone is different so very often I’ve been left standing alone debating about or fighting for things that others don’t seem to be to bothered about but another thing that becomes apparent as I mature is that even if I’m left standing alone it doesn’t mean that my fight is any less important than someone who has huge amount of people who agree with them. In fact if you look back in time some of the biggest changes to ever be made, were ones that involved just one brave, passionate, clever and amazing person who stood up and spoke up for what they believed in.

So the next time you have a belief or a passion that maybe others either don’t agree with or don’t support just remember these incredible people e.g Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and keep going fight for whatever it is you believe in and make the changes you want, regardless of what others think!

I’ve lost count of the amount of  friends I’ve fallen out or disagreed because I didn’t back down, I stuck to my beliefs and went ahead following my heart but I can honestly saying that being hated for being me and being passionate means a lot more than having friends for life but knowing I am not being honest to myself and my morals!

So please guys remember ‘stand up and be counted even if it means standing alone’ 



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