Motivational Monday – Beauty isn’t just a pretty face!

You’ll know by now if you’ve read past posts that my self confidence hasn’t always been great and growning up in a world full of magazines or films filled with perfectly primed women has mean’t alot of my teenage years were spent thinking that if I wasn’t stick thin with a pretty face full of make up that I’d never be good enough!


It’s strange though because although as I get older I still love to look good, I’m starting to realise that looking like a barbie doll isn’t the most important thing nor is it  what makes a person beautiful, I mean you see so many beautiful women/men who are beautiful on the outside but if you look deeper are they really beautiful people?, do they care?, are they respectful? or do they make others feel loved?


The answer to all the above questions isn’t always yes! So this got me to thinking about how I wish I could go back in time and let my young self know that no matter how much make up you wear, how many designer labels you own or how many compliments you get aren’t the things you should be worrying about as a teenager. So to anybody who is lacking in confidence or feeling abit low today please remember that the true measure of beautiful person is how honest, genuine and loving they are, beauty is a whole lot more than a pretty face!


It’s so easy when we are younger and even as we grow up to compare ourselves to others and have an idea of how we should look to be classed as beautiful but if the truth be told we are all beautiful in our own way. What we see as an imperfection others may see as perfect, so the next time you look at yourself in the mirror remember that you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out! ❤



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