Why double standards just aren’t right!

PicMonkey Collage

What do the three pictures above have in common?

These three pictures are of able bodied actors who have portrayed the role of disabled characters in each of these films, One thing I don’t understand though is why aren’t more disabled actors given the chance to fill these roles?

If there was an apparent shortage of disabled actors that I just wishing everyday to become part of the film/media industry then I would 100% understand the need for non disabled actors to step into this role. Although I know for a fact that there are a huge amount of disabled actors out there who are just waiting for their big break into the industry, I don’t for one minute believe that anyone should get special treatment so if a disabled and non disabled actor both turned up to a casting and the non disabled actor was noticeably better at this role then that’s fair enough but I just believe more should be done to give disabled actors/actresses the chance to try out for roles within the film industry.

So I think you can probably tell by now that I’m not a big fan of non disabled actors taking the places of disabled characters not only because it doesn’t give disabled actors the break they deserve but also because I don’t think anyone can do you as well as you can, by this I mean that obviously nobody can understand  you or portray the difficulties and barriers a disabled person faces better than that person themselves, I understand that in certain situations there may be a reason why a person with the disability that is being portrayed might not be able to take on the role due to the severity of their disability but I just honestly do believe that the world is full of talent regardless of ability, race, religion, gender and that should be positively and realistically displayed within the media,

Sadly though It isn’t just disabled actors that are missing out on showing the world their talent, I have seen articles in the past were an image of a white female model has been altered so that the model looks like a black African women as shown in the picture below.


 Why is this allowed to happen? There are hundreds of beautiful black women that could fill this role so why aren’t we giving these people the opportunities they deserve. regardless of ability, race, religion or backgrounds we should be embracing difference!

So now that you know my thoughts,,Where do you guys stand on this issue? I’d love to hear your views in the comments below.


12 thoughts on “Why double standards just aren’t right!

  1. I’ve only just learned about the trend for ‘black face’ in posh magazine shoots recently and I was freakin disgusted and astonished! The able bodied actors playing disabled people travesty has always bothered me, I mean why!?. Even when it comes down to a Hollywood star playing a character of a different race or nationality to theirs (hence many dodgy accents) like they don’t have amazing actors in that country already. Smh


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