Motivational Monday – Fresh starts :)

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Firstly I hope you all had an amazing new year and that 2015 will be filled with happiness for you all!, so we’re less than a week into 2015 and I’m so excited to see what the year ahead will bring.

A few years ago when I was suffering quite badly due to my depression I hated new year as to me it was just another day of anxiety and upset, now though I think it might just be one of my favourite times of the year because it’s a great way to forget all the struggles or worries of the previous year and move onto better things.

So if 2014 was the best year you’ve ever had then that’s great, I hope that the year ahead brings you just as much happiness and joy but on the other hand if it was a year you would rather forget then just remember it’s over and 2015 can be the year of your dreams, either way 2015 is a chance to start a fresh!


In life though nothing runs smoothly and things might not always turn out how you expected but that doesn’t mean you have too wait a whole 12 months to start over, one of my favourites quotes of all time is ‘ Everyday is a second chance’ and this is so true every night when you go to sleep you should forget any stress or drama that happened that day and when you wake the next morning it’s your chance to start again and have a perfect day.


I’m a huge worrier but i’m determined to use this quote as my mantra for the coming year and to see each day for what it truly is – a chance to start over!



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