Don’t let people rob your happiness!


first of all sorry I haven’t blogged for a while guys I’ve had a really busy week or so but I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and now I’m back to give you guys some Monday motivation! 🙂

Over the years a  whole range of people enter our lives some just briefly and others become a huge part of the people we are, some teach us things we could’ve never imagined while filling us with joy and happiness. While others will bring nothing of great importance and there negativity may start to hinder our own happiness.


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I find it incredibly hard to see the bad in people and like to try and help people be happy, in any way that I can regardless of weather that effects my happiness. Recently though it has become apparent to me that not everybody in my life is as pleased to see me happy as they should be and that the more time I spend around these people the more my happiness just drains from me. So I just wanted to write this post today to say that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your happiness in life, So if the people around you don’t accept and encourage your happy, positive life but instead try to rob you of it then you should ignore these people and start living a life you love!

One of the most important things you can be in life is happy so from today guys please do whatever it is  that makes you happy regardless of what others think, you only get one life and you deserve the best one possible! Always remember that if people don’t bring happiness to your life then they don’t deserve you because you truly deserve happiness!


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