Request not require?


I’m sure you guys have all probably seen on the news this week the court has now ruled that by law people do not have to move to make room for a wheelchair user on public transport meaning that wheelchair users will be made to wait for the next avaliable bus.

The amount of times i’ve heared peoples negative experiences on public transport is awful so sadly nothing shocks me much anymore when it comes to how unfairly we as disabled people can get treated within society. To be honest i’ve never felt like disabled people seemed to rank very highly on importance when it came to public transport but hearing this on the news really got to me!

I dont know about you guys but I thought we were all meant to be working towards an equal world? so how can they justify that if someone is in a disabled space on a bus, they don’t by law have to move to make room for the wheelchair.

As I said above i’ve never particuatly liked using public transport anyway weather i’m in my wheelchair or not as I dont find it very accesible and I also think people have lost their common manners, On the odd ocassion that I have used public transport I’ve been left standing and haven’t been offered any sort of help. The obvious lack of respect certain people have for me as a disabled person in this country only became more apparent too me on a recent trip to Gran Canaria. I was completely overwhelmed by how courtious and helpful people were in terms of public tramsport, nothing was too much trouble. They lowered the bus, the driver got up out of his seat to help me on the bus and the biggest shock of all..People actually offered me thier seat without needing to be asked, they actually wanted to give thier seat up for me!

So I dont understand how two places can be so completely different when it comes to the same situation, i’ve always been brought up with the morals that if someone is in need of something you should try to help them, so I don’t understand why there are people in this world who would see someone who needs a space more than them but yet they would still not move.

I’m not in any way saying that everybody out there has this attitude because every country/city has good/bad, I know that compared to some people around the world we are lucky to live the life we do but to me this ruling is just something else in today’s society that goes to show that disabled people don’t seem to rank high on the list of people that truly matter and our fight for equality still has a long way to go!

What do you guys think? Should this be made law or not?


13 thoughts on “Request not require?

  1. That is wrong!! If anybody had good parents, they should know to move over for somebody in a wheelchair ALWAYS! It’s rude if you don’t. Considering this is now a law is ridiculous! I’d be pissed if I lived there honestly.


  2. So, theoretically, a wheel chair user would have to watch multiple cars/buses/etc. go by before finding one that has room for them? If it’s a busy time of day, they could be waiting for hours! I live in the U.S. and I admit I am not the most caught up on world new–so I’m not very familiar with this law. However, in a twenty-first century world where we are continuing to work towards equal opportunities for disabled individuals, this seems like a major step backwards.

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  3. Where we live public transportation isnt highly used but i can certainly imagine the situation and that would be aweful! Anyone with a disability understands how much we have to plan ahead for everything and things like this only make it worse. Unfortuneatly, you cant legislate kindness. Laws can be passed for equality if accessibility but not for priority. I feel this is more an issue to advocate awareness so people have a better understanding of the difficulties and would perhaps open their hearts more


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