Motivational Monday – dreams have no expiery date!


Something someone wrote on a social media site a few days ago really got me thinking and I had to write this motivational Monday based on what had been said, this lady had said ‘All my friends are off persuing fantastic careers and I’m just stuck here but now I’m in my late 20s I’m too old too follow my dreams’ I dont know about you guys but I’ve definatly felt the same way at times, that life is passing me by! Just recently though I’m starting too realise that it’s never too late!


In life we compare ourselves to others far too much and I strongly believe that is a big part of our problems when it comes to loving ourselves and our lives, everyone of us is different and thats what makes us special!

Just because you aren’t at university by 19, graduating by 23 and a lawyer by 25 it doesn’t mean that you should just give up and settle for anything less than you deserve. Your lifes journey can begin at any age and it can be the most amazing, special and exciting journey you ever embark on! Who says lifes achievements have to be done by a certain time? Who puts an expiry date on your dreams?

The answer is only… You! 

So forget about your age because it is nothing more than a number, you deserve to live the life you’ve always dreamed of weather you’re 16 or 60!


You should never stop dreaming and never stop chasing your dreams because you deserve a life you love regardless of your age..It’s never too late!


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