More support is needed!


Growing up I didn’t really get much help from authorities in terms of things I needed around the house e.g stair lift or walk in shower, so I’d always said that when I got older I would help others in the same situation to fight for the things they needed but why should we have to fight for it? Surely we should be offered help!

I’m not in any way saying that all organisations or charities are unhelpful because i’ve had some great help over the years. It’s not like I expect to just get things handed to me either because I certainly don’t but since starting this blog and really beginning to look into starting a business, have I realised that even though things have improved since I was younger there is still a huge gap when it comes to help for people with CP/disabilities. I’ve done a lot of research into businesses similar to what I want to start and was shocked that there is hardly any out there and especially in Liverpool.

Since leaving college four years ago I’ve searched high and low to get the help/support I needed  to get out there and be making a contribution to society because contrary to popular belief by certain people, disabled people are not lazy scroungers! I’ve always found it incredibly funny that there are certain organisations or people that are so quick to jump on as disabled people if we aren’t actively out there doing something but seem to go into hiding once we do actually need some help.


I know  not only from personal experiences but also from friends experiences that even when there are organisations out there who claim to want to help that they aren’t always as helpful as they may seem, I’ve lost count of the amount of never ending waiting lists I’ve been on, the amount of phone calls that never happeneded or the amount of let downs I’ve experienced, not only in terms of my disability but also from mental health services. That’s what really angers me though when the media and certain other people go on about laziness or how people should try harder but how can we as disabled get out there and make our mark if the help we need isn’t out there? Or the people who claim to want to help us let us down so badly!


The amount of times you hear tragic news or people taking thier own lives because the system failed them is why I whole heartedly believe there should be so much more support out there for people who are struggling or just need some extra support to reach thier full potential. So it’s my absolute dream to run my own business supporting others in similar situations to mine, nobody ever deserves to be let down and so should be offered every bit of support they need to live the full and happy life they deserve!


2 thoughts on “More support is needed!

  1. Well said michelle there isn’t enough help out there and people say yes we can help but don’t come through. You should maybe do a petition for more help from organisations good luck.

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