How exercise has improved my cp ðŸ’ª


In previous posts I’ve discussed my weight loss over the last two years which has made me so incredibly happy but it’s also improved my Cerebral Palsy in ways I could’ve never imagined!

Before starting the gym my mobility had hit an all time low, I was constantly falling over, had daily aches and pains and things I’d once found easy had become a huge struggle.  As you can imagine being 4 ft 11 and almost 12 stone is going to affect anybody’s mobility so add CP into the mix and your not doing well!

I was a complete beginner when it came to the gym and I had no idea where to start when it came to exercises, I thought I would be able to get some help online but after hours of searching I found that nearly all the exercises or advice I could find for people with disabilities were poor to say the least.

My first few months at the gym I took things easy and only used machines that I knew wouldn’t effect my legs as I was scared of injuring myself and loosing what independence I had, after about 6 months into my gym session I started to notice my weight loss but couldn’t see much difference to my mobility problems. Once I got more comfortable at the gym I began to figure out what I could use and that’s when my complete love for the gym truly started.

I started to see a real difference to my Cerebral Palsy when I’d been at the gym about a year and a half, I had so much strength in my legs and for the first time in my life I felt strong enough to walk without linking someone while out and about which at the age of 24 is amazing (no one wants to be holding a parents hand at my age). As well as my body strength and stability improving I also found that the more I worked out the more my stamina improved which meant that I could finally complete a lifelong goal, which you will know from my previous was completing race for life 😀

I know that it is a cliche but exercising definitely has changed my life and improved my health and wellbeing in so many ways, before I started working out I was convinced that exercise wouldn’t do me much good but I was so wrong and would recommend exercising to anyone regardless of their disability. I know that not everyone can access every piece of equipment but no matter what you can do, any form of movement will really help.



12 thoughts on “How exercise has improved my cp ðŸ’ª

  1. Love this post!!
    Can I ask, do you have anyone help you in the gym? Like a personal trainer?
    I have often considered joining a gym, but am worried about my lack of stamina. I had some intensive hydrotherapy a couple of years ago to help improve my stamina and build strength in the muscles that help me stand straighter and oppose the really tight muscles, but I found it exhausting!! How did you find your energy levels when you started working out?
    Also I fond it really important to really stretch out before exercising and would need someone to help me out with that.

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    • Thanks Chris 🙂
      When I first started the gym my ex boyfriend or my dad came with me but also the gym instructors were always happy to help if needed. As you’ve said when I first started I had all sort of concerns but if you join the right gym then the gym instructors should be able to support you, when I first started though I’m not going to lie my energy levels were awful but once my body adapted and started eating right it mproved. I used to do my stretches before I got to the gym because I found it easier doing that but I know there are some fab personal trainers out there who would be able to help you. If you wanted I’d be happy to talk about my routines and stuff 🙂


  2. Thanks that would be good! Did you take advice from a physio as to what muscles to work on?
    The physio I saw earlier in the year warned me not to try and strengthen tight muscles, as It would make them tighter.
    Also I know that people with cp use 3 times more energy than other people, so burn more calories, how do you get on with that?


    • No I haven’t managed to see a physio since I was about 19 so I just went with how my body felt,if something seemed to hurt or not help I’d stop. When I first started I was almost 12 stone so burning more calories than I ate was needed but now I try to stay in maintenance with my food so I have a heart rate monitor to work out what I’m burning then eat according to that. I eat around 1400 calories a day and burn about 300 extra cals on gym days.


  3. Some facilities offer adaptive equipment such as the Quadriciser. If your facility does not offer inclusive fitness, don’t be too shy to ask. They just may not realize there is a market for it.


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