Motivational Monday – It’s ok too not be ok!

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that i’ve suffered from depression since I was about 15, over the last couple of months ive been trying my absoloute hardest to change my life and become happier but over the last week. Ive been ill and my mood has took a turn for the worse!

So I wasn’t really sure weather to do a motivational Monday post as to be honest i’m not feeling all that motivated! So yesterday like I do regualry I was online looking for quotes to cheer me up when I came across the one below,  it not only made me realise that it’s perfectly fine not to be ok but it also made me realise that my struggles have gave me so much strength!


Anyone who has ever suffered from depression and even those who havent will know that despite how hard you try, not everyday will be amazingly happy and quotes like the one above have made me realise that having ups and downs in life is normal.

So please remember the next time you’re struggling or having a bad day that things will get better, nothing lasts forever and your struggles will improve. You don’t always have too be’s ok not too be ok!


7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – It’s ok too not be ok!

  1. Great Michelle your right I figured this out a long time ago as I suffered from depression it is ok to feel what ever it is your feeling cause life is full of ups n downs but it’s the getting back up and being strong that keeps you going


  2. Wonderful take on the topic. It is okay to not feel okay as long as we recognize it and be compassionate with ourselves. I’ll add this to my round up. Thank you!
    Elizabeth @ mirthandmotivation


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