see the ABILITY in disability!


So many people seem to hear the word disability or see someone with a disability and the first thing that comes to thier mind is a huge list of what that person cant do, why is that? Why can’t we focus on the¬†ability in¬†disability!

As some of you will know from my previous posts, one of my life’s goals is to change the worlds perceptions of disabily and also let everyone know that instead of focusing on the negatives that may come with having a disability there are also a lot of amazing positives! I know some people might not agree with me but despite everything I would never change my disability because it is a huge part of what makes me who I am!

Ive met some amazingly inspiring people during my 24 years whose main aim has been to grab life and make it the best it could possibly be, regardless of what life throws at them or what barriers they face. They have achieved some great things university degrees, incredible jobs, marathons and the list goes on, so why is it that some narrow minded people in our society still feel the need to focus on our barriers?

I’ve achieved a lot of great things throughout my life but my greatest achievememt so far is taking part in Cancer Research Race for life 2014, ¬†it was a 5k race which is about 3 miles and many people were convinced that since I had no one to take part in the race with me, it was something I would not be able to complete. I am an act on impulse type of person though and because Cancer has effected a lot of my family members or loved ones, I was determined to complete the race no matter how long it took me.

So despite my doubts and other peoples worries, I took the plunge and signed up for the race about 5 weeks before the event. I spent all my time leading up to the race walking as much as possible and trying to raise as money as I could for such a special cause.


Before the race.


My back sign

So Race day arrived and with my very own gang of cheerleaders, I headed to Aintree race course, my first thought when arriving were wow I’m going to get lost in all these people and my second thought was one of shear fear of how big the course looked. I had brought my wheelchair in case I needed to sit down and also for support but I was determined to try my hardest to complete the race without sitting down.

The atmosphere was the best I’ve experienced, so many happy, smiling women and children all together fighting ¬†for such an amazing cause. So many strangers came up to me while walking around the course to see if I needed a hand, which was lovely! So 1 hour and 12 minutes later the finish line was in sight and believe me when I tell you I’ve never felt more excited and emtional at the thought of sitting down!

imageAnyone who knows me personally would tell you I’m very emotional at the best of times and this day was no exception, the amount of strangers cheering me on and telling me how well I was doing on my way to the finish line was incredible!

Standing at that finish line was without doubt the¬†proudest¬†moment of my life and I wouldn’t change a second of it because on that day, I not only raised money for such an amazing charity but I also proved to myself and many others that my¬†abilities¬†are far greater than my disability!


My proud face.

So hopefully one day the world will see the amazing abilities that are part of us instead of our disabilities first! What are your proudest moments?


2 thoughts on “see the ABILITY in disability!

  1. That’s a great achievement!!! I always admire people that put their own difficulties aside to help others….
    I would say my greatest achievement so far is Abseiling 100 metres down the Spinnaker tower in Portsmouth to raise money for the Hospice that I volunteer at. It was great fun, and I’m currently looking for something higher to abseil!!!!

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