Comparison is the theif of joy!

In a somewhat self obsessed and image comcious day and age it’s not easy to accept your insecurities and stop comparing yourself to others. It seems that nowadays everybody is in a race to out do each other weather it be looks wise,  jobs, houses or cars, life is becoming one big ccompetition.


I found this quote and it really made so much sense to me, with Celebrities being a massive part of our lives these days, its no wonder we put so much preausre on ourselves to be a perfect size 10 or look exactly like Kim Kardashian does in her latest shoot. What we fail to take into consideration when comparing ourselves to these ‘perfect’ celebrities is that nobody is perfect, Kim Kardashians shoot has been photoshopped about a million times as well as  the tweaking of her photos,  i’m sure she has a huge team of talented indviduals who tend to her needs before she leaves the house. I suppose what I’m trying to say is that like the quote says ‘we shouldn’t compare our behind the scenes e.g waking up in the morning with bed hair to famous celebs final, perfectly fixed up images.

If having a huge list of celebrities to compare ourselves too isn’t bad enough, we now have the media age of social networks to contend with,  where people splash every inch of thier seemingly ever so extravagant or perfect lives all over the internet for us to envy. From perfect couples, expensive holidays, flashy cars or fabulous nights out, we are left feeling underwhelmed and somewhat disappointed in our normal, everyday existence.

Instead of dwelling on our flaws or the things we don’t have, it’s time to start counting our blessings and realising that just because we may not have the best of everything or amazing supermodel looks. Nobody can do YOU as good as YOU can! 


So please if you take anything from this post, remeber You’re all beautiful, talented & special! so please go out thier and rock your UNIQUENESS because nobody is better than you!


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