A mixture of nerves, excitement & anticipation!

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If you’ve been reading my blog recently you’ll know that since I started this blog, I’ve decided I want to start my own business that will go into schools, colleges, universities and local organisations to talk about CP and how I haven’t let it stop me from living a full and happy life, So two weeks ago I took the first step by contacting a local organisation. Daisy uk have been amazing so far and have really helped me get my ideas together and focus! I went for another meeting on Monday which was pretty nerve wracking because it was the first time ive ever written my ideas down and had someone else look at them, it went so well that they’ve asked me to attend a local activities club next Monday to give a talk.

Although this is something ive always wanted to do, to say i’m nervous is the biggest understatement! My mind is spinning with questions ‘what do I say?’ ‘What if no one listens?’ ‘What if they think im boring?. When i’m thinking rationally I know how much of a good opportunity this is for me and how much it will help in my future career, which is why i’m so excited! Im just really starting to worry that I’ve bit off more than I can chew if that makes sense?

The future is something that at one point in my life, I wasn’t looking forward to and just the thought of work or mixing with people in everyday situations just filled me with dread! In the last month though my whole outlook on my future has took a complete 360 and I’m so happy too see whats ahead, my brain is just going into over drive and hooefully my first ever talk will go well.

So guys how do you keep your nerves in check? Any tips/advice will be greatly appreciated! 🙂


10 thoughts on “A mixture of nerves, excitement & anticipation!

  1. Hey Michelle, first off, I’d say go for it. Get as much advice and help as you can from Daisy UK, then think about the people you’ll be talking too. What would they want to know, what sort of questions would they ask? It might be an idea to get in touch with the head of a local school/college/univ for a talk about your plans. The age/ability of the audience will determine what they’re likely to ask. Good luck and let us know how it goes. 🙂

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    • Hi! Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it! The group I will be talking too are part of a daisy activities group, they’re aged between 16+ with a variety of learning and physical disabilities. I’ll only be giving a short 10-15 mins talk, I’m just an it on sure of what to say that’ll be short but too the point. Thank you again and I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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  2. Hi Michelle I say talk about how you felt leaving school and let them know it does not matter if they have a disability they can achieve what they want and then explain how much you have achieved and how nervous and unsure you was at first. Let them ask questions and then just give a honest answer from your point of view. Good luck keep up the hard work.

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