Motivational Monday – Never underestimate your importance!


I came across this quote a few days ago while online and I instantly fell in love, so much so infact ive decided that this is going to be my next tattoo.

It actually really got me thinking though, i’ve spent a lot of wasted years thimking that I wasn’t good enough to make the changes I wanted to make in my life and more importantly in the world. I’ve always been a big dreamwer and someone who wants to leave their mark on the world, but until recently I have always been convinced that little me ( i’m 4 ft 11 ) could never make a difference!

Since starting this bloig and getting my thoughts out there to others on social media, i’ve realised that I was so wrong! It has given me a huge sense of belief that one person can make a difference, even if your words or actions may seem small to you, you never know how much of a massive difference they make to someone else!


So I just wanted to write this post to let you all know that you should never underestimate the difference you can make in the world or too others around you!


So weather you’re like me and small in statue or you’re 6 ft tall then it doesn’t matter, believe in your abilities and show the world how fierce you truly are!


7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Never underestimate your importance!

  1. Love the quote at the top!! That would make a brilliant tattoo….. If I was to get a tattoo I would have ‘Born this way’ surrounded by stars. I have that as a graphic on my splint, as I’m too scared of needles to get a tattoo and don’t trust my startle reflex!!!!

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    • Hi Chris, it’s great isn’t it, I’m definitely going to get it as my next tattoo when I pluck up some courage! 🙂 Born this way would make a great tattoo but I know what you mean about the startle reflex I was worried about that when I got my first tattoo.


      • How did you get on when you got your first tattoo?
        I always Have to warn people about my startle reflex, as it’s even worse when I’m nervous….. When I was cast for my new splint a few months ago I had to make sure the orthotist kept out of the way of the leg he wasn’t casting in case I twitched and accidently kicked him! (yes I have done it in the past!!) especially as I don’t like my feet being touched – that really kicks my startle reflex off!!!


      • Hi Chris, my first tattoo was on the side of my hand so it didn’t really effect my startle reflex as I find I don’t have any sudden movements when it comes yo my arms/hands.I have done the kicking doctors, dentists and whoever else thing in the past..not a good idea! I also hate my feet being touched I find it such a surreal sensation which also makes my startle reflex a million times worse!


  2. I have T shirts for the girls from the RSC with that quote. I’m sure they did adult sizes too! So glad to have found your blog via Twitter. Hayley


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