facts & myths of Cerebral Palsy


1.  Having Cerebral Palsy means you’re are stupid or slow with learning – This is so wrong! I would certainly class myself as clever and I know plenty of other people with CP who are the smartest people I know! Having CP does not make you stupid!

2. Everyone with Cerebral Palsy is the same – Cerebral Palsy is an unberalla term that includes a variety of different forms of CP, that can range from very mild to more severe. Everyones CP is different!

3.  Cerebral Palsy will go as the child gets older – CP is a lifelong disability, it won’t suddenly disappear as you get older.

4.Cerebral Palsy can be caught – CP is not an illness like the flu, it can’t be caught in anyway!

5. People with Cerebral Palsy can’t live independently – This is a very common misconception although some people with CP may need a bit more help to live independently, I know plenty of people myself included that live happily and independently despite their CP.


1. 1 in 400 babies are born with Cerebral Palsy – Cerebral Palsy is a lot more common than I used to think.

2. Just under half of children with Cerebral Palsy were born prematurely – I was born 3 months early and almost everyone of my friends born with CP were also born early.

3. No two cases of Cerebral Palsy are the same – Everyone with CP aren’t like identical twins, CP regardless what type will effect every person individually.

4. cerebral Palsy doesnt limit your abilities to live a happy and fufilled life – No matter what form of CP you or your child have it certainly doesn’t mean that you/they can’t live a happy and fufilled life or live a life they love.

5. Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong disability -although CP won’t get better, it is a disability that can be helped by a number of therapies or medications.

I hope that you find this information useful and that this post will clear up any queastions or doubts you have about CP, if not please dont hesitate to comment below or contact me.


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