Motivational Monday – it’s ok to ask for help!

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This motivational Monday will be a little bit different but I hope it helps at least one of you guys out there!

Anybody who knows me will tell you I absolutely hate admitting I need help, sometimes in life though you just need a helping hand so that you can move forward. A few weeks ago when I started this blog, I began thinking about where I wanted my life to go and decided I wanted to start my own business, obviously though starting my own business cant happen overnight and I need some help to put me on the right path.

So knowing nothing about setting up a business I decided I’d have to find myself someone who could help me and their was only one charity I could think of who would really help, Daisy Inclusive UK!  I’ve volunteered for Daisy in the past and know howmuch of an amazing and helpful organisation they’re,  So I went for a meeting with them last Monday to discuss my blog and how I could achieve my dreams of running my own business. They were amazing as ever and now with ongoing  help from them I am on the way to planning and eventually owning my very own business! 🙌 So go check out ‘the can do charity that does’ DaisyUK I really couldnt praise them enough

So for someone who wouldn’t normally ask for help I am so glad I did! As the quote above says ‘Asking for help doesn’t mean you’re weak, it just means you’re wise!’ I’ve now realised that asking for help doesn’t mean I am weak or stupid for not doing things alone, it simply means that I’m not superwomen and sometimes all you need is a push in the right direction!

All I really want this post to do is let people out there know that at no point in life do you have to be or feel alone! No matter what you’re dealing with at the moment weather it be work related, emotional problems or you’re just feeling a bit lost in life then please don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are so many so people a whonisatnd organisations who will be able to help you and who knows just asking for help might begin change your life for the better!

I’ll leave some links down below that maybe able to help and remember asking for help is not a weakness!



2 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – it’s ok to ask for help!

  1. Yes I totally agree with this ask for help no matter what wether it’s depression,bullying or just having someone to share a sense of life with you should never worry about reaching out to others.I would recommend the Samaritans to anyone as they were there when I lost my grandmother.


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