if you could design & make one adaptation what would it be?

Life is full of ups and downs or moments were you wish you could make life a little bit easier so when you find new little gadgets that opens a tin by the flick of a button, its kind of like all you Christmases have come at once isn’t it?

Obviously though there are times in life when you need equipment that’s  a bit more advanced than an electric tin opener and thankfully when it comes too having a disability and needing help there are a huge range of adaptations to make your life easier  weather you need a hoist, walking frame, rise/fall tables or a wheelchair the list is endless.

If you’re anything like me though the list is never big enough and you’ll always be trying to think up some more weird and wonderful inventions too make things better, so if I could pick one thing to design or make then it would be a ‘hot drinks carrier’. I know its not extravagant or world changing but it’s something that would really help me, since I’m addicted to tea.

A hot drinks carrier would be a device that could be fitted to any cup or mug and would be made sort of like a flask so that you could handle it without any problems and it would have some sort of strap attached so that you could carry it around without spilling any of the contents.


Something like what’s shown in the above picture but more steady and easier to hold so that your hands can be free to help with any balance issues.

So I’d love to know what adaptations do you use that you love? Or is there something you wish you could design that would help make your life that bit easier? Let me know in the comments below.


One thought on “if you could design & make one adaptation what would it be?

  1. Good question I would have to pick something for helping around the house as there isn’t enough hours in the day. Cup is good idea though Michelle get in touch with these big cats who don’t think about everyone .


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