Motivational Monday – Chase your dreams!

What are your dreams?

Everyone has dreams don’t they? I for one have lost count of the amount of dream jobs I wanted to do when I was younger from the ordinary ones that every little girl seems to have like a princess or a super famous pop star to the more original ones like the time I went through a faze of wanting to be a crime scene investigator.

If I was being a 100% honest though my lifetime dream was to become a dancer but obviously that never happened,  I was silly enough to think that my dreams were too big for me and I let them pass me by. Recently though I’ve had a lot of time to think and its made me realise that if I have a dream or a passion then I should at least try to make it happen because I have nothing to loose and a hell of a lot to gain!

As you will be able to tell from my previous posts I’m big on quotes and listening to motivational videos, earlier this month I found the amazing Les Brown on YouTube and have been listening to his motivational speaking daily. Les brown is one of the best motivational speakers I think I’ve ever heard, his voice just grabs you and his speech’s make you so determined to get out there and chase you dreams!

Listening to motivation and meeting some amazingly strong people since making this blog has give me a kick in the right direction that I needed to truly realise my dreams and have helped me gain the courage I need to begin to chase what I really want in life.


So I’m just writing this post to let you all know that no matter what your dreams are big or small then you achieve them. You should never let small minded people tell you that your dreams are too big!

If you want to be a superstar you can!

If you want to be an astronaut you can!

If you want to be a teacher you can!

Go check out Les Brown on YouTube and start making your dreams a reality!

if you can believe it you can achieve it!

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7 thoughts on “Motivational Monday – Chase your dreams!

  1. You can make your dreams whatever they may be,come true if you follow your heart and work hard even if it takes a while don’t give up just do things that will help you along the way eg experience volunteer if you have to,surf web,ring people up. Ask for help college,careers centre work placement sites apprentice. So do what you have to and good luck.


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