Labels are for tins not people!


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‘Labels are for tins not people!’

I found that quote online last week and it really struck a cord with me. The world can be full of judgemental, small minded people who feel the need to put labels on everyone they meet.

Sadly just like so many others I’ve spent alot of my life being labelled by small minded idiots who dont have the first idea about me or my life! Fatty, four eyes, mong and the list goes on! What makes me upset is not any of these names but the fact that for a huge part of my life I  did let these narrow minded people get to me, I was so worried about what people thought of me and because of that I spent far too long being afraid of being myself.


No matter who you are in life  you will get a label, if you’re over weight then you’re fat, if you’re too thin then you’re anorexic it doesn’t matter how  genuine or nice you are in life someone will feel they have the right to give you a label and try to fit you into this little box but who has the right too judge? What makes these judgemental people so perfect?!

Are you perfect if you’re confident? No because then apparently you’re cocky! how about if you’re clever? No then you’re a geek! And I could go on but what I’m trying to say is why do we need all these labels?

To be honest though I wouldn’t even say that it’s the labels that get too me most, it is more the fact that I’m convinced the people who throw out these nasty judgements like they’re nothing, really don’t take the time to realise how thier words can hurt people. My nan always used to say ‘If you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all’. So think before you speak because nobody should have the right to make another person feel less than they are!

Like the quote says ‘Labels are for tins not people’ and for me that is so true! You are just yourself and that should be more than enough for anybody! The people who care don’t matter and the people who matter don’t care so go out and show the world what you’re made of! Don’t let other people’s opinions or dodgey labels get in the way of you being yourself.

 You were born an original, don’t die a copy! 👏



5 thoughts on “Labels are for tins not people!

  1. So true far to many labels. Just be happy with the person you are and don’t listen to what others say about you. The world is not perfect but if you don’t think positive about yourself no one else will so if you have one thing to think about make it you.

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