Acessible gym equipment or lack of it!

Going the gym over the last two years has become a huge part of my life and something that I don’t ever see changing, it has changed me as a person not only have I lost a lot of weight but it’s changed my mental well being. Its defiantly helped me accept myself and become a more confident person.

My first day at the gym was so daunting, for me having Cerebral Palsy has meant that I’ve tried my best to never do any type of physical activity  in front of other people, just because I haven’t wanted to make a fool of myself but obviously being at a gym there’s no way of getting it out of it.

Having one piece of accessible equipment doesn’t make your building accessible!

My worries about not wanting to look stupid were not eased by the fact that my gymgym like many other buildings does not have much in place in terms of accesible equipment. They only have three maybe four pieces of accessible equipment which include three hand rowers, a rower with space for a wheelchair and a step positioned by one treadmill. Having these pieces of equipment is obviously a great start but it shouldn’t stop there! I’ve been told that I could go to a gym especially designed for disabled users but I don’t see why I should have to,  if they just changed a few things most  of equipment could become accessible to all.

Every little helps..

I know that recently a lot of funding has been cut back and money is tight but I’m not expecting them to re design thier whole gym on my say so, I’ve met so many other people who struggle with the lack of equipment for one reason or another, weather its because of old age or a disability. We all agree that if they just changed a few minor things we could use the gym more freely and safely.

So if by chance anybody reading this designs gym equipment here’s are just a few minor things that could do with changing.

  1. Put a catch on the rowing seat so it doesn’t move when your trying to get on.
  2. A light on the rowers screen so its easier to see.
  3. A step by all treadmills so they’re easier to step on to.

To me it would be so simple for the owners of the gym to at least take these three simple steps to help make life easier for members of the gym,  not only would it help members but it would also help the gym because I strongly believe  that if it was accessible then more people would sign up and recommend the gym others.

Wherever possible I believe that every organisation or building should be made accessible so that everybody no matter thier abilities can freely enjoy thier life!


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