The Chimp Paradox and how it’s helped me battle depression.

The chimp paradox – Dr Steve Peters.

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As you will know from reading my earlier post I have suffered from depression and anxiety for a number of years and have always tried to find ways to help myself so when someone suggested The Chimp Paradox – The Mind Management Programme, I was skeptical but thought id give it a chance.

What is the chimp paradox?

The Chimp Paradox is a book written by Dr Steve Peters, Steve Peters is a well known psychiatrist who has helped a lot of celebrities achieve success  through his mind management programme. This is a self help guide that breaks the human mind up into three main sections The human, the chimp and the computer, the programme looks at all three of these sections and shows you how to manage them in all aspects of your life so that you can become a happier, calmer and more successful person.

My thoughts on the book.

Before I started reading this book I basically thought it would be just like every other self help book I have read where the author uses a lot of medical jargon and words you’ve never heard of to explain how you shouldn’t be depressed but I was pleasently surprised to find that this book was written in plain, easy too understand english and at the end of every chapter it has a practical exercise that makes you think about everything you have read in that chapter and also explains how to put what you have learnt into practice in your own life which is somethingI found really useful. The way Steve Peters writes makes you feel like you’re not alone and that he understands you, something I’ve never felt before from a book. I know this is really going to sound like a cliche but I truly feel like The Chimp Paradox has really helped me handle my depression and anxiety better. It has made me more aware of how my thoughts effect me and how to better manage my emotions.

Why I would recommend The chimp Paradox.

Ive honestly never recommended a book to anybody before but I would 100% tell everyone to give this book a try weather you suffer from depression or not because unlike other self help books it doesn’t specifically focus on a certain problem or situation, it just breaks down the human brain and thoughts into easy to manage sections and helps you process and act on your thoughts more effectively. So if you feel like you need a bit of help understanding and processing your thoughts more effectively in this very busy world then give this book a try.

Does anyone else have any recommendations? Id love to hear what anyone else thinks of The Chimp Paradox so let me know in the comments below guys!


One thought on “The Chimp Paradox and how it’s helped me battle depression.

  1. Weather a book,medication or counselling or just speaking to your doctor get help with depression even if it’s early on as once this illness takes hold it can take you to a dark isolated lonely place. I suffered it and I felt guilty as I’ve got two children. But I realized it wasn’t my fault and talked to my doctor I looked into self help books. I then one day out the blue on one of my good days realized I didn’t want to be like this anymore and I didn’t want my family lost so I pushed myself one day at a time to get up and think of life as precious I also started praying again as I’m a Christian and stopped talking to God years ago but I found having my faith back helped to as I saw God as my counsellor you could say.


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