Would I take a cure for my Cerebral Palsy?


Well that’s a question and a half but it’s a question I’ve been asked regularly over the years. Well the honest answer is NO! Alothough  if I would’ve been given the option of a cure when I was younger then I’d of jumped at the chance mainly because I hadn’t accepted myself,  I was so wrapped up in what others thought of me that I would’ve done anything to be this ‘normal’ person I thought they’d like but now I realise that no matter who you are in life  not everyone will like you. So weather I would’ve been a glamourous model, top scientist or a celebrity people would find a reason to say hurtful things or bitch about me.

I know a lot of people who would take a cure in a heartbeat and I wouldn’t blame them because like with all disabilities CP has a lot of varying forms and  ranges from mild to very severe.  I’m very lucky that my disability is mild so therefore I haven’t had to deal with a lot of the problems these people have so I respect and completely understand their reasoning behind wishing they could change there disability,  don’t get me  wrong there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not reminded of certain things I can’t do because of my CP and it can cause me problems but I wouldn’t change it because let’s be honest if I did  cure my disability what would realistically be different for me?

Would I be a millionaire?

Would I be prettier?

Would I be happier?

Would I be smarter?

Would I be more popular?

The answer too all of these questions is NO!


Because simply put,  My disability does not make me who I am!

I honestly feel that if I did accept a cure for my disability I would be taking it for all the wrong reasons, I would be changing my disability not for me but for what others think of me and that isn’t what anyone should base there life on, I’ve met so many people especially in mainstream college that have said things like ‘Ohh it must be horrible being disabled’ or ‘aww don’t you wonder what life would be like if you didn’t have CP?’ But I know that I wouldn’t have a better life without CP because anything I could do without CP, I can do just as good with it! (A part from riding a bike) but who needs a bike anyway 😉

Cerebral Palsy is a tiny part of my life and a part that I wouldn’t change but not because I believe my life would be better or worse without it but because I whole heartedly believe that had it not been for my CP I may not of had the chance to meet the amazing people I have and that in turn means I would’ve missed out on some incredible experiences!

So guys what would you do if you had the chance? Keep it or change it?


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