CP & Fashionable feet 👠


Are you obsessed with fashion?

If the answer is yes then you’re just like me and 99 ℅ of the population, the world has gone fashion crazy and it’s amazing!. I love nothing more than a good shopping spree were I’ll buy loads of clothes, spend far too much money and I’ll probably never wear most of what I bought. Two of my absolute favourite things to buy while shopping are handbangs and shoes but unfortunately as many of you will know having Cerebral Palsy and buying fashionable shoes can be hard work to say the least!

When I was younger I was the ultimate tomboy, hated skirts and refused to wear anything remotely girly which meant I spent my life in tracksuits and trainers which of course was great for my CP for two reasons :

  1. Trainers are flat and comfortable meaning I keep what little balance I have.
  2. They fashen securely so that they don’t come flying off half way across the road.

Also when I was younger I wore a little pair of specially designed boots that are called Piedro boots  so that ment buying shoes wasn’t something I had to even think about. Piedro boots are made wider than normal shoes to fit in your A.F.OS and too be honest worn under a pair of pants don’t look to bad at all.


I think they’re cute, don’t you?

Once I hit my teenage years I didn’t want to be one of the lads anymore and my interest in fashion grew, I started reading fashion magazines and  almost every page was covered with a beautiful model in skyscraper heels. Like every young girl I was determined to fit in and I can still remember to this day my first experience wearing heels, clinging to the furniture for dear life praying I’d get used to them and wouldnt break my ankle in the process!

             Every model has heels on!

So as you can imagine poor balance, feet that dont stay in position and heels aren’t a mixture that ended well and I was finally made to accept that wearing heels wasn’t for me but having CP doesnt mean I didnt want to be fashionable and have nice shoes so I went off on google to find shoes for people with CP.

Obviosly the shoe makers of this world along with a lot of other people i’ve met dont think people with CP are or want to be fashionable because when searching the internet for nice shoes I was left with a long list of websites e.g Cosy feet, DB shoes  just to name a few, these websites do have practical shoes but only seem to cater for older people bceucase the shoes they have may be practical but they’re definitely not fashionable.


    Practical certainly not fashionable!


I mean seriously? What women at 24 who is fashion concious wants to wear shoes this old fashioned and ugly?!

It annoys me so much that nowadays in our media world you’re somewhat made to believe that every women wears heels, they’re the only fashionable type of shoe or that somehow they make you feel sexy, every catwalk you look on you’re faced with models in high heels looking ridiculously glamourous!


While we as disabled people are expected to wear shoes that my nan would find sexy! I mean fair enough I dont expect them to bring out magic heels that help me balance and I don’t niavly expect them to make all high fashion models wear flats but seriously why can’t they make shoes that are suitable for disabled people more fashionable and pretty!

So now that you’ve heard my thoughts on fashion, CP and all things shoes, what do you all think?, where do you shop? Have you found shoes that are fab and fashionable? Or are you wanting to design your own shoes? I’d love too hear all about it!


4 thoughts on “CP & Fashionable feet 👠

  1. CP + buying shoes = Nightmare!!!! Luckily I’m a shirt, jeans and boots kind of guy this time of year, and I wear skate shoes with shorts in the summer…..
    Buying good looking shoes is near impossible, luckily my mantra is “It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it”. I have found skate shoes the best to get my afos in, and I still wear Piedro boots as most other types of shoes are way too narrow and don’t open far enough down to get my splints in… I can’t imagine what it’s like for ladies!!! I find it hard enough!!
    Before I started wearing splints again it was hard to find supportive enough shoes that I wouldn’t destroy in weeks….
    If I could design my own shoes or afford custom made ones, I’d go for similar to caterpillar boots that have a zip either side so that the back opens up, allowing me to slide my afos in easily. I’d also have that design on a pair of brogue dr marten style boots……


    • Ye Chris if I was a guy skate shoes or boots would definitely be my footwear of choice, sadly I don’t think I could pull off the dress and skate shoes look haha. I find it really hard to find support shoes things like flip flops are a definate no no but I do like converse type baseball boots as they’re fully secure and support my ankle. Hopefully someone out there somewhere may come up with designing fashionable yet practical shoes for us.


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