Disability in the media


Radio, television, newspapers, Facebook? Whatever it is, everybody uses some sort of media platform but how do we as disabled people stand within the media circle?

If we went back to when my parents were younger i’m sure you’d of been hard pushed to see anybody with a disability on TV and that’s why a lot of older people aren’t as open minded or aware of disabilities because it wasn’t something that was seen in thier everyday lives. Thankfully things have improved now from events like the paralympics to disabled actresses/actors in films or programmes but in 2014 I’d of hoped people with disabilities in the media industry would be as common as their non disabled colleagues.

So why aren’t why? The makers of these programmes or films are always trying to say that they’re trying to portray really life but surely people with disabilities are a part of really life aren’t we? 😕

It angers me so much that disability doesn’t seem as accepted as it should be! Even when the big shots at the bbc or channel 4 decide it might be a good idea to make a programme about disabilities they end up calling that programme a stupidly, ridiculous name like ‘ The Undatables’ who in thier right mind thought this name was a good idea? What makes these people be classed as ‘undatable’ is it their great personalities or amazing sense of humours? No the name itself gives the impression that it’s thier differences that make them ‘undatable’ and I for one think that’s awful!

I mean how can you expect our feature generations too be as open minded or accepting ad we would like if they don’t see different people with a range of disabilities as part if there everyday life!

Although there is a lot that isn’t right about the media there is a lot of actresses/actors on TV now that are showing that a disability shouldn’t stand in your way.

Cherylee Houston – Coronation Street


RJ Mitte – Breaking BadBad

Colin Young – Don’t tell the midwife


Just to name a few of my favourites.

Hopefully with people like this flying the flag for equality it won’t be long at all before seeing a disabled person reading the news, in films or on TV will become a common everyday thing.

Who are your favourite actors or actresses?


One thought on “Disability in the media

  1. Yes so true why not just treat everyone the same it is suppose to be equal rights for all within the work place but not on tv. Shame really as they should be making it more aware.


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