Up and downs of my driving adventures! šŸš—

Learning to drive is something I’ve always wanted too do since I can remember, so when I turned 17 I was filled with a bundle of nerves and excitement as BSM came into school to give a free lesson.

Getting in a car for the first time was one of the most nerve wracking things I’ve ever done, as any of you who drive with CP will know you have to use adaptations and I was no exception. Getting used to the push/pull hand controls which are a substitute for the break and accelerator was so much fun! As the car jerked around the car park I knew there and then I wanted to drive.


Before I could take my first official lesson I had to go for a driving assessment to make sure I could legally drive safely and make sure I had all the right adaptations, the assessment lasted an hour and consisted of practical and theory. After the hour was up I was convinced they would just say I was fine to start my lessons and I’d be off on my way to being on the roads but sadly I was wrong…I was absolutely deverstated as the woman stood in front of me and said ‘You’ll probably never be able to drive’.

For 8 years after that assessment I let her words effect me and wouldn’t step foot in a car. So as time passed me by and my need to be able to drive became apparent in my life. I decided that I couldn’t let someone’s negative words hold me back so I started my lessons again early this year. After all them years obviously I was back to basics and my first few lessons were filled with mistakes, tears and stress! Eventually my confidence grew and I began to enjoy my lessons, learning new things and after months finally being able to see myself passing my test one day.

Now I’m 6 months or so in and I’m so pleased to say my lessons are improving every week, I have my own car and I passed my theory test in April šŸ‘ The next step for me now is taking my practical test and I won’t lie I’m beyond nervous but I know now that I am a good driver and one day very soon I’ll be legally able to take myself on road trips!

So everyone I’m sure that when I pass you’ll all be some of the first to know and I hope that any of you out there wanting to drive will go out and do it! Nothing or no one should ever stop you from achieving what you want!


One thought on “Up and downs of my driving adventures! šŸš—

  1. Keep up the fantastic driving don’t let anyone put things into your head. Know in your own mind and heart you can do anything you want even with cp as you’ve proved you’ve done so much already. Very proud.


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