who inspires you?

We live in the age of the media, You can’t switch on your TV or go to the shops without seeing celebrities and so called ‘Role models’  splashed all over magazines. No matter who you’re everyone has someone they admire or aspire to be like weather it be someone super famous like Beyonce or someone as ‘ordinary’ as a family member.

So who inspires you?
Is it Beyonce and her amazing voice? Nelson Mandela with his wise and powerful words? Or even someone in your local community?

There are a lot of people I admire for a variety of different reasons but this blog would be boring if I just took off with huge list of people who have motivatored me so I’ll keep it sort and sweet with just the top 3 people who inspire me so here goes…


    Francesca Martinez – What a women, Francesca is an English stand up comedian and actress who has Cerebral Palsy but refers to herself as ‘wobbly’. She inspires me not only because she’s an brilliant actress but also because her outlook on life and being disabled is incredible! If you’ve ever seen Francesca talk or give an interview you’ll know what I mean, she just takes everything life throws at her in her stride and has an incredible sense of humour when it comes to life as a disabled person.


    Katie Piper – One of the most incredible people I think I’ve ever come across, Katie ended up in the news when her ex boyfriend threw acid in her face which sadly left Katie with horrific burns on her face, neck and back and made her loose sight in one eye. Instead of letting it destroy her life Katie tried to turn her negative experience into a positive and now runs the ‘Katie Piper Foundation’ which helps other burns survivors. Not only does Katie run this amazing foundation she also presents television programmes, has written very sucessful books and is now mother to a gorgeous baby girl. Katie is a true inspiration of mine and whenever I’m feeling a bit down I remember Katie and all her amazing achievements.



Stephen Hawking  – Im sure everybody will know Stephen Hawking. Stephen is an English scientest that has Motor Nueron Disease which has deteriated of the years and now means Stephen can’t walk, talk or move about unaided. Despite his numerous physical difficulties Stephen is one of the smartest and most successful people in the world, his work into relativity and black holes is something that the science world will remember long after Stephen is gone. My admiration for Stephen Hawkings is incredible and I love how he’s proven to the world that no matter what your barriers you can do whatever you put you’re mind too.

So as I said at the beginning of the post there are a whole number of people we could admire for a variety of different reasons but these 3 people are just a few of the people I admire, they make me want to be a better and stronger person! So come on everyone please share with me who inspires you?



4 thoughts on “who inspires you?

  1. Francesca Martinez also inspires me too!!! Her approach to life with cp is similar to mine….. she has a book out called ‘what the **** is normal’. It’s a great read, really funny in parts, really sad in others. I saw her live a couple of years ago too, she’s brilliant!!
    Another person that inspires me is the paradressage rider Lee Pearson, he is Britains most successful Paralympian and he’s also gay, and as a gay man myself, I’m inspired by sports people that are open about their sexuality, as it’s not easy being openly gay in sport.


  2. She’s brilliant isn’t she Chris, such a positive attitude! I’d love too see her live and I’ll have to order her book online. Yes I’ve seen Lee an inspiration too many not only for his sporting achievements but for being strong enough to come out as gay man in such a public way, major respect for him 🙂


  3. Great information and I strong group of fantastic individuals who inspire you and as your on your way people can now be inspired by you Michelle.


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