Anything is possible – My weight loss journey!

Loosing weight is something everybody stresses about right?

Well I’m no exception and junk food mixed with a lack of movement, means only one thing.. huge weight gain and believe me being 12 stone at only 4 ft 11 was not a good look!!


So as you can see the weight piled on and with that came a whole lot of problems not only mentally e.g my self esteem but physically walking became even harder than it was before as you can imagine having CP and carrying around an extra 4 stone isnt ideal.

Even the thought of loosing weight left my mind bombarded with questions…

how can I loose weight?..How can I go the gym?..What if I fall? ..What if people judge?

As any of you with CP will know exercising isn’t as easy as being able to go for a jog, bike ride or even using the gym but I decided I owed it to myself to a least try. So off I went to do my research which I thought would be easy because the internet is full of help but unfortunately not for people with disabilities. So after looking through pages and pages of exercises only a acrobat could do, I finally found something I could do..boxercise is basically just punching mid air for a set amount of time then repeating ( easier said than done, believe me ) now that I’d finally found a CP friendly exercise I started exercising daily and changed my junk food diet for more healthy choices. Everyone said ‘Ohh it must be so hard not eating like you used to’ and believe me at first it was like torture seeing everyone around me eating chocolate while I had pastas and salads but once the weight started coming off it gave me all the motivation I could of needed to keep going!

So what comes next?
After taking my home exercises as far as I could I decided to give the gym a go, I’ll always remember my first day my stomach was full with nerves and I was convinced it’d all be too hard but I’m not one to quit so I attended the gym regulary and began to get a real buzz out of seeing my body chnage! I started off just doing 5 minutes rower and 5 minutes bike which I know too a lot of people might not seem like much but to me it was massive. Going the gym soon started to change my life in ways I could never of dreamed of, I was happier, healthier ànd just a completely new person. My body was no longer a burden or a weakness to me it was something I could make stronger and healthier everyday!

2 years on and 4 stone lighter! 😀
Well its now 2 years since I started the gym and I couldn’t be happier with my progress! Im now a healthy 8 stone, I attend the gym 3 times a week and now have a full routine that is a mix of cardio and weights which I feel pushes me too my limits but is still safe for me.
All them doubts I had 2 years ago about my ability to exercise are just a distant memory and being healthy is now a huge part of my life! So what I’m trying to say is ‘ ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ‘ So no matter what you want too achieve weather it be weight loss or something completely different.. DO IT! Your disability should NOT define you or your dreams!

So now all that’s left is too show you all me 4 stone lighter!



10 thoughts on “Anything is possible – My weight loss journey!

  1. Proves to everyone that loosing weight is possible even for people who can’t do a lot of traditional exercises. These aren’t just results these are the best results anyone could wish, building and maintaining muscle is so inportant for people with CP and as you know Michelle it gives you some great goals to reach well done so proud of you. Xx

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  2. Fantastic work you look amazing it’s hard work for anyone but even harder for someone with cp but you did it proud of you keep it up xx


  3. Wow you look absolutely AMAZING! You have totally inspired me to start going to the gym again. I have a disability too and I am kinda limited with the sorts of exercise I can do, as I can’t use my legs – I mostly concentrate on upper body work outs.


    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      I’m so glad I’ve inspired you to go back the gym because its honestly the best thing I’ve done, its really helped me improve physically and mentally! Yea I understand I’m limited when it comes to some equipment but any sort of movement is better than nothing and I find that working your upper body just as important as anywhere.
      Thanks for visiting the blog, I loved yours! 🙂


      • Thank you! I’m glad I have discovered your blog. In terms of working out. I had been working out regularly. However my routine is all over the place and I have found it difficult to commit. I have left the gym I was at, as it was expensive and I wasn’t using it. I’m about to join a cheaper, but good, council connected gym which has a track and tennis and basket ball club. It won’t be as nice as the previous gym – but I am going to be able to afford a personal trainer, which I would never have though of having with my last subscription! I feel I work better with someone giving me instruction of movements I would never have thought of doing. I also need to REALLY watch I am eating too – I don’t eat a lot, however I am feeling I need to be extra strict with calories. I’m tiny and need to eat like I am tiny person, rather than average height Watch this space (well after Xmas into the spring hah!) xx

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      • Yes some gyms are brilliant but far too expensive! My gym is a council gym that still is really good and like you said the personal trainers are reasonable too, which is really good for keeping you motivated! I never realised how much I actually ate until I became strict with my calorie intake its crazy to see how many calories are in certain foods. I’m watching this space and cannot wait to see your transformation please keep me updated 🙂 xx


  4. I will do. I also wanted to say for what I am reading with the rest of your blog. It’s all very good stuff, very well written and I know I will be sharing this with my clients who have CP. You cover so much of things that people with disabilities can really relate to and find comfort and inspiration. Keep up the regular blogs and plan what to write. I tried doing this with mine, but the site got over run by spam bots and it became very difficult to moderate comments under the swarm of spammers. Thus I went away for a while. I am going to try and keep up with mine and write about the list I have about issues I promised myself to write about. xx

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  5. Thank you so much, I’m so glad you like it! When I started this blog I just wanted it to be abkre to help at least one person out there and hopefully it is doing that! You should definitely try to start writing regularly on yours again, I’m so glad I found it today! xx


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