All about me!


The Basics :

Hey Everyone I’m Michelle, 24 years old and I live in Liverpool England. This is my first blog so please bare with me as I’m learning. I was born with mild Cerebral Palsy ( blogs name might give that away) my cerebral palsy although mild effects all four of my limbs but it mainly affects both legs. My Cp effecting my legs means I limp, I find it difficult to walk due to poor balance  and I use a manual wheelchair for long distance as the muscles in my legs ache and I fall regulary .

At the age of 24 I’ve learnt that Cerebral Palsy isn’t as understood as it should be in 2014 and because of societies disregard and ignorance towards difference I know that living with CP or any disability can be a very lonely and isolating thing. So I’ve set up this blog so that people can come and talk, get advice, have a good moan or just learn more about what having CP means.

So enjoy and any questions just ask x


3 thoughts on “All about me!

  1. Great start Michelle into a subject not spoken about enough. You are an amazing women who has learnt through personal experience to cope with and over come life’s ups and downs and to deal with what life throws at you, and always do it with a smile on your face.

    Look forward to reading more. I’m sure this will help many people x


  2. Great work hunni, keep it up,slot of people need a little knowledge sometimes and others just need to talk about what there going through like you so this is great for you and others. I am very proud of my little sis she as been through so much and to watch her grow into a beautiful women and see what’s shes at to do makes me understand how difficult simple things can be. But to see her try and try makes me a very proud big sister. She is a beautiful women love you. Lish xxxx


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